Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Empire Strikes Back

The subject is just a shout out for my Mom and Dad! :)


So last week I said that tony had something fun planned, well we all went and played in this little ally where there is this guy that does graffiti of cartoon stuff here! It was pretty funny and fun! :) we also had some super tasty ice cream afterwards! I am super excited about this last movecall! A bunch of my good friends are in this zone and so it is going to be a really fun last 6 weeks! another super cool thing is my new comp! My last comp....aye ya!!!! (Chinese way to say WHAT THE HECK) hahaha. He is from Tennessee and is a collegiate wrestler! About my size....this is gonna be an exciting 6 of the burns and bruises will follow ;) it is sad to see elder Baker take off...he is also heading to his last area and very possibly his last companion! exciting....but scary. really it is just a big mix of a million emotions! oh while on the subject though...for those of you that love us missionaries....if you want to send a package or letters....time is getting if you are going to do it do it fast ;) #imnotbegging.

So last week i got to go on exchanges with elder Ng! It is the first time I have been able to go on a missionary from my generation MY WHOLE MISSION!!! how wild is that? we did some good work and i really miss that kid! It made me think back to the MTC and how much I miss that time and those friends! speaking ALSO of friends that I miss...SISTER HANSEN!!! i met your asian-self yesterday! It was so crazy! I saw her and heard her speak and i way! I am back in seminary again ;). so I thought about you! :)

This week my older bro Leon came and found me! It was way fun! He and I and tony and elder baker had a lot of fun and taught some awesome lessons!!! It is pretty cool how when you are happy and with people that you know well the spirit flows so much smoother....that is probably why my Mom and Dad were able to teach us so well! They are the best of friends and so connected and...well...i learned a TON from them and that is exactly what I want my future relationship to be like....with my best friend! #itsnottrunky #itscalledpreperation :) Just doing what Preach My Gospel says to do :)

With these last 6 weeks i hope to be able to report a ton of miracles! I know that working hard and praying hard is going to make a lot of great things happen! Please help pray for me over these next 6 weeks! Gotta finish strong and not stop till the whistle blows! :)

Hopefully I will have a little more fun things to talk about next week.

Quick rundown of our investigators:

We are teaching two families so please keep them in your prayers! the Lin family and the Liao family! :) I will do a better update next week.

We also have some really good friends #Bros that we are teaching. Joe and Luke are my really good friends. Please pray for them too.

Love you all! Shine Bright!

I hope that everyone this week can make WITH ME some goals that they want to accomplish in the month of October! I would love to hear about them! It can be anything from share the gospel to get ripped like Goku (aka Gage Gish).

The pics are of the graffiti group.


our pokemon themed english party....soooo baller!


The last pic with Elder Baker! The sisters are sister anderson (from before in taiping!) ans sister Chen (who will be coming home with me!)


Ge Sheng Long ZhangLao


Wednesday, October 8, 2014



This title of this (hope you can all see it....says "eye knee" which means love you) it is a super popular song here that we hear ALL THE TIME. So obviously we can't listen to it naturally so what do we do? Take it and re-write all the words to fit with our missionary purpose! :) #WroteMyFirstChineseSongToday. We are going to present it to the zone as a fun surprise tomorrow during ZTM. It is going to be so fun! I will let you know about how it goes!


Okay before I really get into this letter I have a few shout-outs!

Vash-spice! Happy Birthday! You have for sure made my time out here so much more fun as you write every week without fail...thank you so much!

GRAMMY!!! Happy B-day! I hope you have an amazing 40th birthday! ;) You have always been there for us when we are spiritually or physically down. Love you so so so so much! Thank you so much for your example!

Last but for SURE not least, Mom and Dad...... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! What is this 25 years!?!?!? Thats weird....Mom....aren't you only like 30 something? ;) hahaha just kidding. You two are such amazing examples of what I want my life to be like. #GoodLuckFutureGirlFriends hahahahha just kidding again! (Man I am such a jokester...just like Dad) And I am so glad that God lead you to eachother so that we could have our AMAZING BEST FAMILY EVER...don't wanna brag but...for real....its the best #DontEvenTryToCompete. I love you two so much! I hope this next year is just as good and just as awesome! Keep taking time to go to the temple often together! I want this family to last for ALL OF ETERNITY!!! :)

Okay real quick some funny stories...I know this is the real reason you come to read this! Make sure you take time to read the real good part after though! Elder Ward and I were calling some people that we had contacted and I saw him with his doing something really focused with his I took a sec to sneak over and see what he was doing and then BAM i saw it....he was drawing a face on his wart hahahaha. This kid and I are getting along so well and will for sure be such an amazing companionship!  Another example of why...SO we have an amazing investigator that owns an Italian noodle place with these amazing milkshakes and so we decided to go there to eat. I told him about how one time we came here and got free milkshakes. So when we go in we sit down and get ready to order and Elder Ward asked for a free milkshake! hahaha I immediately threw my head into my hands. Oh my gosh it was so embarrassing! But realllllllyyyyy funny! We laughed forever and the poor waitress was so nervous! The boss wasn't there that day and so she said no. But then they gave us a free salad haha....i think they just felt bad for us!

LOOK AT THESE AWESOME COOKIES! Ali down in Tungkang made them for us! Oh man they were so so so so amazingly good!!!!!! I miss that place! :(


The bikes....this is what I found after finishing my exchanges with Taiping.....remember 1 year ago when we started that dumb game? well i guess it stuck haha.


I am almost out of time so I just wanna tell everyone that I am now working the hardest I have yet and I LOVE IT!!!!!!! These are gonna be the best 5 weeks yet! Everything is better when you put everything you got into! Especially the Lords work since he blesses you a million fold!

I know this gospel is true. I know that Jesus Christ lives and he loves us. I invite everyone today to watch something from general conference! :) You can put your money on the prophet.

Oh and the new comp....he really is a boss :)

love you all

shine bright!


Ge Sheng Long ZhangLao


{Shannon here: Sam didn’t explain the cause of the tree carnage below. But everyone seems to be fine.}