Sunday, August 25, 2013

They can take my teeth...but they cant take my wisdom!! -Mario Alves ;)

Oh could I not come up with a witty comment for the title
of this email!..

So I am going to more skim over the surface of a lot! Then I will go
deeper into just a little! If you have more questions or anything you
can always write me a letter! (No this isn't a secret tactic to get
more letters ;)) haha.

Okay SO first off, real quick...sister Wilson...again THANK YOU SO
MUCH!! Those letters really always help me so much! I love getting a
good laugh! :)

Ok quick update on people! (It will be a little different this week
since we didn't get to do AS much due to wisdom teeth...)

Okay so here comes the brief overviews....ready?...
I found this awesome Elder named Elder Guest! I feel like he is my 徒第
(apprentice) haha. He is super awesome and a few move calls below me!
I love helping out the younger generations with everything! Anything
from Chinese to how to contact or teach! I am obviously not a master
at those but I can still do my part to help them! Long story
short...the rising generation ROCKS haha.

I am sad to see one of the sisters I came out with go home! A Sister
Burrows! She really was super awesome and Taiwan will miss her!

Mom sent me pics and an overview of Youth Confernce! IT LOOKED
AMAZING! Exeter Stake ROCKS! I wish so bad I could have been there! I
won't be at the next one either...but the one after that! :)
YEAH!!!!!! You youth keep going! no matter how hard it gets, just keep
pushing forward! You can count on and trust your leaders! :)

Last P-Day we went to a small island and got to hike and go site
seeing! It was super awesome! Pictures will come!
I thought I saw John Eastman yesterday! I was like WOW BRO!!! But then
I remembered I am in Taiwan...haha

My trainer has been calling me a lot lately haha. And from it I got a
nice reminder about when I was being trained and I really liked it.
One thing we used to always say together is "obedience is my quest."
It was awesome because as you went to go do something as small as turn
right on a red light on a bike (still illegal in Taiwan) you would
think to yourself, obedience is my quest. And then you would just
wait! It was awesome. And the power that comes from obedience is
incredible!!! Ahh I love it!

I really wish I had more time to go into detail on all this!
But right now I can take some time to tell everyone about what I know
they are all dying to hear haha. So about the Wisdom teeth! They took
out my left side and will be going in later for the rest. They gave me
these little shots, so basically the most basic stuff they could haha.
Then they went in and sliced and drilled and shattered teeth and did
the job. The best part is being 100% aware, hearing the shattering of
the tooth and feeling it shoot through your gums! Am I at the dentist
in Taiwan?...yes haha. The thing is that they usually put people out,
I just forgot you weren't supposed to eat really it
is my fault haha. But they finally got them out and it was for sure an
experience! haha. They worst part is...for those that know me, I am
not very good about doing what I am supposed to after surgery. With my
Arm I was doing backflips again THAT DAY. With my Leg, I was still
going to Prom and to Sixflags. Just not the smartest haha. So with
this one...I kept doing my missionary work which...yes involves
talking. I talked WAY too much...I snapped the stitches (cause they
didn't leave holes). But that doesn't stop me! I am still going
Baby!!! Oh gosh...Elder Gish what are you doing...yeah I know.. haha.
But over all it is all okay and I am so grateful for that awesome
package!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

I love you all and I hope I can hear from more of you! :)
Shine Bright!
Ge Sheng Long ZhangLao






Sunday, August 18, 2013

變謙卑了(Becoming humble :))

Yes, that is what is going on down in 小港!!

There is a missionary down here that you all know...he is slowly but surly becoming humble! haha.
Can I tell you why?...Of course I can, I am typing this email :) haha.

So I have been down here in 小港 since I came to 台灣 which as you a LONG TIME for a missionary in ONE area! I was starting to
get frustrated and really wonder why I am STILL HERE and truthfully
getting a little frustrated. I just felt like I have done my part down

But happened.

As I said my prayers that morning and did the normal routine it came time to synchronize our referrals
(which basically means that it is just time to find out if any
missionaries met anyone in our area). In came ONE referral which is
the usual actually. So I went to look at it and it all looked pretty
average till I looked at who sent it!...It said "Referred by 葛長老 Elder
Gish." I was like what the heck?! And as it turns out, this person was
someone I had met when I FIRST got on island and told me "just call me
in 6 months." That usually means, i'm not interested and I know you
will forget about me or not be here in 6 months....but guess
what...I'm still here baby! :)

So I called the person up and he came to church!

His name is Lucas and he is  miracle! He just got married
and his wife is going to be having a baby in about 5 months. He wants
help to know how to establish his family! The thing is that for his
work he also needs to go out to sea for a year at a time which is
tough and he knows will be hard on his family so he is trying to
figure out if he wants to find another job. So I need your prayers!!
Lucas needs your prayers! :) Today I am going to be really pulling for
prayers! So PLEASE HELP :) haha. (For those of you who know me too
well....I kinda feel like Goku making a spirit bomb....I need those
extra prayers! :) haha)

So that was a humbling experience to have god say..."Elder Gish, there
is a reason you are here, just trust me and move forward okay?"

Another great thing about being in the same area for 7 months is being able to
see 2 of my Recent Converts receive the Melchizedek Priesthood!! So

So ready for the experiences...FIRST OFF..For those of you with me in
the MTC...I FINALLY found the LAST 'apple tag'..atleast I think it is
the last...haha. I was in church and it fell out and I was
like..."no...." hahaha. Oh gosh I miss you all!

I was also finally convinced to eat "eel in a can" also
tastes like it sounds... haha (just say the word eel a little even SOUNDS like ewwww haha).

After being in the same room for 7 months you want a small change here
and there. At home you can buy new decorations or something but here
there is nothing! SOOO Elder 朱and I decided to just re-arrange our
entire room! It is SO MUCH MORE AWESOME! It even includes Big lazyboy
chairs to study :) haha Pictures included.

Another totally crazy thing is that the mission is already TOTALLY
changed! President Blickentaff already changed a lot! I am interested
to see how it will effect us as missionaries! Our method for doing
numbers is 100% different. I will say that it makes us feel more like
MISSIONARIES rather than salesmen trying to get high numbers...but I
think I will miss the numbers...they did really help to push me! So we
will see how it all works out! :)

As for this upcoming week there will be a surgery...yeahhhh haha. I am
sure I can tell you more about it next week...I wonder how the chinese
will sound with a chimpmunk accent?? :) haha

I love you all!

I know this is all 100% true! As for a last minute, small invite. Just
go out this week with a goal..maybe a errand you need to do, or a
shirt you want to find or something...whatever it is. But while going
out to accomplish this goal find ONE person that you can help or
bless! :)

Ge Sheng Long ZhangLao








Monday, August 12, 2013


What does that mean?! There are only three ways you would be able to understand what that top sentence means...

ONE, you grew up in Taiwan,

TWO you are a HUGE Nerd,

THREE (I guess this kinda includes number 2...) Your Name is Elder Gish! haha.

So what does it mean?

I'll give you a starts with kame....and it ends in...HAMEHAMEHA!!!!! :) haha. Now for those of you that STILL don't understand...please...please....go look up Dragon Ball Z and experience life! :) haha. So why do I start with that? Because I found out that my companion, Elder Zhu is also a HUGE Dragon Ball Z fan! We can talk about all that stuff and it is so fun! I have attached pics to help you realize how cool the two of us are....haha oh and as a good side-note...Elder Zhu...he IS the TAIWANESE CARLTON from Fresh Prince of Bel-air! :)


I love to be able to see the amazing hand of the Lord in peoples lives! I had my testimony strengthened times a million this week as my best friend GARY called and was telling me a story about his new ward and some stuff like that. I just want to say that it is AMAZING to see how he has grown! I love so much that I know him! I KNOW that I was brought to Taiwan at the time I was to know him! We must have been amazing friends before we came down here! :) I actually heard this story (obviously a story) but it really touched me and I will try to type it out quickly.

There are two friends in the pre-existance. They both get a letter from the Lord, it is their assignment on Earth! They both get super excited and open the letters. The first friend excitedly scans his and with a huge smile jumps and yells "woohoo!, I am going to grow up in a family that already has the gospel and is firm in the faith! I CANT WAIT!" He looks at his friend and see's him crying. He asks what is the matter..the friend looks at him and says, "I am going to a place where no-one at all knows all...what am I going to do..." The other friend takes a second to soak in what just happened, puts his arm around his good friend and says, "don't you worry, i'll come find you."

I know that people probably hear lots of stories like this but for some reason this one really hit me...maybe cause I had never heard anything like it in Chinese before. haha....but really I believe that this sort of thing is true! I am so glad I have the chance to come here and to find all of my brothers and sisters and best friends! To really help them to remember their Savior and the truth! THIS IS TRUE AND WE ALL....EVERYONE knows it...they just have to remember. Have you ever seen someone do something good and just felt good, or after you serve you feel incredible? Maybe you pray or read scriptures or even go to church and you feel that peace and that love that is just so familiar and close to your heart? It's cause we have felt it before...before we came we are just trying to do our best to remember! So this week I want to invite everyone to help someone else remember! :) This can be through things you say OR do! Help someone remember their Savior and that all too familiar feeling. :-)

So I want to also emphasize something that I know I have said before and will probably say again and again and again. But I can't ever express how much I have learned out here about the truth and importance behind obedience! It really is key! Don't rationalize
within yourself! Just go do! :) My mission president sent me this today: I love this quote from Elder M. Russell Ballard:

“Some young men …have rationalized their bad choices, saying that "we all make mistakes." But you must understand that there is a big difference between an honest mistake made in a moment of spiritual weakness and a willful decision to disobey persistently the commandments of God. Those who deliberately choose to violate God's commandments or ignore the standards of the Church [or the Missionary Handbook], even when promising themselves and others that someday they will be strong enough to repent, are stepping onto a dangerously slippery slope upon which many have lost their spiritual footing.”

Lets keep our footing and set ourselves on a 'rock' a sure foundation and be obedient! :) 好不好?? :) ( is so hard to not just start typing Chinese. RAWR!)

Well quick update on 小港 (yes I am still here...where I was one else thought it was possible either but I guess it is

SO we saw some crazy cool miracles and some funny things too! I will start with the most recent and go back (since I am running out of time).

We found a few new SWEET investigators who are soooo ready to move forward in this gospel! [Shannon here: Investigators - people who want to know more about Jesus Christ and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.] But the coolest is this brother 黃(huang). He is so nice and humble and ready to learn! He said a great prayer (his first ever) at the end of our first lesson and he asked God to help change his heart so that he could really believe the things we teach and that one of the reasons he wants to believe is because he has seen the example we set and wants to be like 'one of those mormons' (as he put it :)). 

But one CRAZY thing that happened after our lesson...we had literally jut finished...about to leave and then I hear it...thump thump thump... I turn my head and what is it? There is this HUGE lady running at me! I hardly have any time to react and she jumps on me and gives me this bear hug and says: "its you! I want to go to church with you!" I was super taken back and it was so awkward...oh gosh...but I guess it must have been pretty funny too. Then she started reaching into my pocket on my shirt to grab the church flyers we have. I was like "whoooooaaaa there missy, slow down." She was frantic asking for a Book of Mormon and for the flyers and when and where church is and when we can see her again and ahhhhh!  I taught her a bit about the Book of Mormon and the restoration (within about 30sec to a min) and then got her to set up a time for church and to meet with the SISTER missionaries. After we got that taken care of Elder Zhu and I literally ran away haha.

Oh gosh a mission is so fun!

Here is a crazy miracle! Probably the last I have time for today!

So there is this Lady Sister 謝 (xie)… a long time ago we were tracting and right as we were about to go home I had a feeling to do ONE more door and so we did...then was her and her family! (That is how we first met them). After that they told us that they were surprised we came back since most missionaries come once or twice and then never come back because they just give up. But I had a good feeling about them so I kept wanting to go back. The thing is that my seniors never wanted too. [Shannon here: Seniors = Senior Companions] So I finally convinced them that I could bring Elder Stark with me for one last shot at teaching them and My senior agreed.

But than Sister Xie got sent to the hospital and we couldn't go! Now Elder Stark is home (SOOO SAD!) and I was supposed to for sure move out of 小港 (I have been here longer than almost any other missionary in one area for our area in this mission). But then BAM miracle again I stayed here in 小港and became senior companion to an awesome Elder Zhu! I had kinda forgotten about sister Xie until on the road someone taps the back of my shoulder, I turn around and it is her! BIG MIRACLE THREE! (this has a little story too...Elder Zhu and I at that time were feeling a little lost and didn't know what to do...we were biking a little aimlessly...or so we thought...and I got a call from this kid that ALWAYS calls to talk to me. He called me once 46 times in a night to ask for I usually don't answer his calls but for some reason I felt like I should answer it. So I did and we stopped our bikes so I could talk on the phone. It was the usual…I was so mad I answered... But anyways, right as I hung up is when she tapped my shoulder!!!) SO that’s the cool background!

We got talking and she said that while she was in the hospital she decided that she didn't want her family to bother us anymore and so she wasn't going to call and set up anymore and that if we called she wouldn't answer, BUT if we ran into her she would take it as a sign and set up and all that! wrap up this huge miracle, SHE brought her son to his after school study class that day. She NEVER does that because the Dad usually does, but today he just 'happened' (miracle) to have to work overtime! So she had to bring him! Do you see how this all happened? Everything was so perfect! And if my senior had stayed they wouldn't set up and she probably wouldn't have gone to tap him on the shoulder. The Lord's hand is in our lives! This all had to happen EXACTLY as it did for this to work out! IT was just incredible to see and it really touched me! MIRACLES!!!

I love the Savior, I love this Gospel and I love all of you! 加油!!!
Ge Sheng Long ZhangLao




Monday, August 5, 2013


Hello my wonderful amazing friends and family! Let me first apologize
and say I am super rushed and have just about 0 min to type this! I
had to go get my new companion and things went a little wrong and
well...P day is almost over! I AM SO SORRY! I will just write a short
overview and message and hopefully the pics will make up for it?

Highlight: My new Junior Companion is FROM TAIWAN! He is actually from
a place called MiaoLi in Taipei. Now for those of you who don't know
that is where one of my BEST FRIENDS is serving (Elder Gibson). He and
I met in the MTC and just hit it off. Now we have so many plans for
after the mission, plus he is a chinese prodigy so it helps keep my
head in the game :).

My old comp. Elder Furner...that sly dog snuck
off to JiaYi to become a Zone Leader! He is so great and is going to
do amazing things up there!!

Now sad part...Elder Stark left! He will
be back in America soon! SO CRAZY! I am gonna miss that kid so
bad!...Just incase he reads this...ELDER STARK (Now just Jeffery
吧....Or J-money? haha) "Aight' We Back ;)" haha. Miss you kid!

Okay so onto other things! I heard an AMAZING QUOTE that will probably
change my life and I hope it has a big impact on you! (I hope I didn't
just build this up and you get disappointed haha) But anyways it was
from Elder Bednar and told to me by my amazing Mission President! He
said "We have been baptized and received a promise from the Lord to
always have the spirit to be with us so we should be more worried
about when we feel the spirit LEAVE instead of worrying about when we
feel it COME. We have the honor of ALWAYS having it to be with us."
How amazing is that! I hope so much that I can now focus more and
trust in the lord, knowing that the spirit is ALWAYS with me...I can
ALWAYS be lead by the spirit! We all can! So don't let it leave! :)

Oh. YEAH! are gonna LOVE THIS...I love showing people family
pictures! The first one I always show is of us in front of the temple!
So everyone will ask me if you FIRST are my wife hahah then they ask
if you are my older sister THEN finally my Mom haha. The oldest I have
heard guessed so far is 33! Is that not awesome!

And yes Dad, they all think you are super goodlooking too haha, but
the grey hair does give away the fact that you aren't 20
anymore...haha :)

My bike got stolen this week....yup...BUT being led by the spirit we
found it again :) I made friends with the kid that stole it too haha.
So that was interesting.

That is basically it for now...sorry I have no time this week!
this gospel is true. I really really do. But DONT just take my word
for it. Go out and try it, experience the joy that comes from it! Now
I want to invite everyone to just go out and share the blessings that
the gospel has brought you. We all have a testimony of something, no
matter how big or small. Hold tight to that testimony and go out to
share it! :)

Ge Sheng Long ZhangLao