Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bum bum bum buuum!!!!!!


Just so you know...that bum bum bum buuuum is the sound of "the revealing!" Like at movie theaters when the movie is about to start! Why you ask? Well is it not obvious? This letter should be PACKED with me revealing stuff and fun things!! So get excited!!! 

Well lets do the big new first...I hope these emails don't get too confusing haha. Here we go.

So lets back it up a bit, 2 weeks ago I got a call "Elder Gish can you train?" I got a call 1 week ago, "Elder Gish I am sorry, your trainee got sent home early so we will wait till next move call (6 weeks later) okay?" I got a call last Monday "Elder Gish I just found out that there is going to be another missionary joining us, he is a Taiwanese missionary, can you help me train him?" I came to the training meeting on Friday "Elder Gish I have actually prepared a new young man that I need YOU to train can you help me? I will reassign to Taiwanese Elder and figure things out, but can you do that for me?"

Do you see what I am getting at here haha, these last weeks have been CRAZY for me! But here is the final news after things all evened out! I AM TRAINING, I AM WHITEWASHING, and I have recently found out (yesterday) That I am to be called as the new District leader here as well! I am SO EXCITED for all the amazing learning opportunities that I will have in these next few move calls! :) IT IS GOING TO BE INCREDIBLE!!!!! So who am I training? AN AMAZING MAN named Elder Hartshorn! He is from Texas and is so amazing! I have a LOT of favorite parts about my new son ;) haha but one I REALLY like is how he says yes sir and no sir or yes mam and no mam. It is just so....TEXAS haha. What are the other cool parts?...HE PLAYS LACROSSE! LIKE A BOSS! He played for this USA team and stuff and in college. He brought some sticks and he went out to play for exercise this morning (P-Day). IT WAS AWESOME! We have been talking about all these Lacrosse job opportunities that he knows about and was as we played he was like "oh man, you could totally do this and this and this" and I just got so excited about lax again! I need to stay focused on the work I know :) But it was just so refreshing to hold a lacrosse stick and pass around and even cooler to hear about his connections and the things we could do with lacrosse!

Okay, enough about lacrosse :) On to the more important...the gospel and the work!

Here is some SWEET news that we heard! In the...near future...:) we will be able to use FB to proselyte out here! We will be allowed to create new accounts that are our ELDER accounts but we can still add people from home and do all kind of stuff, it will be the same thing but will be us posting uplifting thoughts from studies or lessons or letting investigators post and ask us questions and all kinds of stuff like that! HOW COOL! I really got excited about the blessings that the Lord has givin' us in regards to technology!! I am super stoked to say the least!

Well this week was full of miracles! Mostly because of my companion! He is so awesome! He have only been here 3 days and because of our hard work and dedication to the Lord we have found three new investigators and helped 2 of them accept the invitation to be baptized! WOW! How the Lord blesses his servants!!! 

You know, as I think about the work and who I was before and who I am is so interesting, mostly to think how dumb I was before hahaha, but really also to think about what has become important to me, when I try to do and what I try to think about and such! It really is amazing to think about what a mission does and the blessings it brings. It really is a ONCE in a life time let me just say one more time...with all the vigor an email can bring...if you are thinking about or debating serving a mission...JUST DO IT! Put in the papers and go! Is it hard, yes, will you have days you can hardly walk and just wanna go sleep in a corner...yes, will you grow closer to your God and savior and become a BETTER you..YES! So just trust in the Lord and go. Everything else can wait!! The Lord will make everything ready for you, so if you don't want to go because of any reason just think...whose plan is or the lord? He can put that opportunity back in your path in 2 years, so just go! :)

I love you all so much!!!!!!! I have to go take care of some other duties now! Sorry if my emails start to get shorter...I have a LOT of stuff to do now...but I really do love you all!


SHINE BRIGHT! it just so scary that I am now pretty used to taking freezing cold showers? :) haha.