Monday, July 28, 2014

Be a MAN!

Yes, i am singing Mulan in my head right now!


this week was really fun, but really slow and actually....the end was hard. (sorry for lack of capitals and stuff...i can't use this dumb keyboard)

Our zone in the end had a really hard time, a lot of companionships are struggling. which makes my comp and i super sad. we are working super hard and praying super hard to help...we need your prayers too! I went on two exchanges this week. one with Elder Hamula (from NEW ZEALAND!!! THATS RIGHT CHASE!!!) he is brand new and it was so fun! we did hakka stuff!


and saw a huge miracle! the big miracle was this guy that we ran into on the street. he was smoking and so naturally i started talking with him, found out that he has a family and wants help. we talked, listened and testified. after about 15 or 20 min he agreed to be baptized and set a date with us and agreed to meet again. it was incredible. it was our first time ever seeing him. HUGE miracles. the Lord totally takes care of his servants.


The other exchange was with a champion missionary named elder ward. he is super awesome and we talked a ton about our potential and about who we wanted to be. we both decided on what it was...we wanted to be MEN. to be in control of ourselves in every aspect at all times and to just be who the Lord wants us to be. we talked forever about it and about his issues and thoughts. We had a great exchange! yet...with all these exchanges and missionaries and investigators that i am trying so hard to sleeping has gone right down the drain. so not much sleep...but the miracles we see are so worth it. #icansleepwhenimdead :)

Oh yeah! THANKS AGAIN TO SISTER WILSON! I love getting those letters you sent and you have sent them almost every week! thank you so much! I know that your sons and family will be sooooo blessed because of your love for the servants of the Lord! Truly thank you so much!


we will be going on a temple trip next week so i am not super sure about when I will be emailing....hopefully I can get to it all still...if there is missing emails next week, don't worry, i will get them to you asap!

We are helping a young man prepare for his mission, so we went out a few days ago to play and teach football to we are going to just go hang out and encourage them so I gotta get going soon but i love you all so much!

thank you for all your support!

invite today: bury ONE weapon of rebellion this week...that means change ONE thing about you that keeps you from attaining your true potential as a child of God. just one thing :)

love you all so much!!!

shine bright!!!!!!!

elder gish

oh and there is a pic of an empty baptismal font (look to blog) that is when we went to baptize jianwei and we realized that a member saw the full font and thought it was too full...(what the...) and so he unplugged it and forget to plug the thing back in the it was empty and we had to refill it super fast #coldwater



Ge Sheng Long ZhangLao


Monday, July 21, 2014

A Ton Happened This Week

alright, let me just tell you how flippin excited I am! So Lin Ping Huang (mario) got baptized last week, and now has the priesthood. #FoundTheTruth

So if I seem overly excited in the email it is because...I am ;) And a TON happened this week so I am going to try to squeeze it all in with what time i have!!

We switched apartments with the sister missionaries and I feel SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad....but also so good haha. Their old apartment is SWEEEETTTTT...and our old was okay too I guess. :) So basically we got the really good end of a really unfair deal ;) haha

We also got a short term missionary to stay with us. (長老). He was super awesome...I miss that kid! However maybe now I can finally sleep! he is used to it being super hot and so we couldn't use the AC at night or he wouldn't be able to basically for a whole week i was sweating all night and just couldn't sleep at all. AC IS A HUGE BLESSING haha. And on top of that, in the morning about twice I hopped in the shower and get PELTED in the face with hot water...#That'llWakeYouUp.

On Sunday we attended the English branch...I didn't like was weird and it is going to be weird being home....haha.  But what WAS cool is that after that i got to use my ASL sign language skills to talk with a deaf family!!! The Mom and Dad are deaf but the twin daughters can hear. So we would speak to the kids and they could was so cute! I tried to use my own skills and realized that one semester at BYU-I of ASL does not make you a pro....#AnotherWakeUpCall.

I wanna ask for everyones prayers for three amazing people.

1)chen zhao hong 陳昭宏-

2) chen jian wei 陳建維

last it 3) Raymon, his wife is a member and they just had a baby boy. He teaches jeet kun do...yup...Bruce Lee status, so I might being going down there to take lessons this week ;)  I love him so much and want to help out there family. So please really pray for him!

Over all, this week was BUSY!!!!!!! We went on a ton of exchanges (Shannon here: exchanges = serving with other missionaries who are not his companion)...but i finally got to go to missionary work with Elder Noll (he is one transfer older than me which means we were in the MTC together!) We saw a TON of miracles! You know why? Becuase we prayed a ton and we asked the Lord to sanctify all our time and when we worked super hard afterwards we saw a TON of miracles!!! TOTALLY LOVE IT!!!!

We are staying busy up here! I hope you are staying busy wherever you are! 

invite....hmmmmm: just read something in Preach My Gospel.that book is flippin’ sweet!!!

I will email pics next week.

Shine Bright!!!

elder gish


Ge Sheng Long ZhangLao


Monday, July 14, 2014

Love Everyone Around You

Okay...this is wicked embarrassing but i totally did not do good at my time today!!

here is a quicky

first, the shift here is broken so forgive the lack of capitals.

we had interviews with president and he is so wise!!! he called me out and it was awesome! SUUUPPPPEEEERRR humbling and i love that.

I am super exhausted. elder baker (the new bestest comp ever) works me to death and it is flippin awesome! i love working that hard! we talk to everyone and it is awesome because most of them dont live in our area so we get to help out our zone a tone!!! I love it!

I now live in the same apt that i stayed in on my first night in on island....SUper sweet!

The book of mormon is true. period. read it.

the kid mario from donggang got baptized!!!! thank you for all your prayers!

We are super busy up here so i am really sorry for my lack of email time to write this huge email! i will do better next week but i love you all!

miracle: this week there was this dude on the road and when we drove by he started cussing at us and said he hated christians and was being incredibly what did i him DUH!!! (that is a bit of my dad in me :)) so i started talking to him and he was being super rude. so i apologized to him and gave him a mango that we had just got. well that turned everything around and he decided that he was down to meet with missionaries. he doesn't live in our area but it was a sweet miracle. charity is the best ever! love everyone around you, that is what i mean when i say shine bright!

so with that. SHINE BRIGHT!!!

i love you all so much!

elder gish

oh and we have a short time missionary serving with us and he is soooo funny. i love the new 16 year old short time missionaries that are scared out of their minds! love you all!



Ge Sheng Long ZhangLao


Monday, July 7, 2014

Saddest Day Yet



Oh man today was a rough one!!! Dang. I received a call from President on Saturday asking me to come back up to Taizhong for a bit....well of course I complied however that means that I am about a 3 or 4 hour train ride from my other home!! 東港! I love that place so much, I can't even explain it. For those of you who know me I am TOTALLY not a crier...except for some movies...and some songs...haha but really I hate crying and I feel like I have gotten better at not crying on my mission...but dang, when I got that soon as I hung up, the tears started comin and it didn't really stop till that next morning! It is amazing what happens when you POUR your heart and soul out every night for a place and a really love them. I didn't want to leave. However, here I am back up in Taizhong writing this email home. Please keep DONGGANG in your prayers, it is like my home away from home.

But flippen hilarious!! The day before I left the small branch threw me a tiny party and it was so fun and one of the games we played was everyone had to say something to me for 3 to 5 min and then at the end I had to say something to all of them but the whole time we couldn't use the words "me, him, her, you, we, them, yall" (i think that is how it would translate over...) It was SOOOO funny. and since we ALL messed up we all had to eat a spoon full of wasabi!!! oh man it was nasty...oh gosh it was trrible! all of us felt like throwing up!



I love that group of people so much! We really grew so close!! So close that one of the members called the mission office and got mad and started complaining....uh oh...maybe we were TOO close hahaha. No but really i love them all so much! It gave me a big testimony of the power of prayer! So my invite now, set a goal and for one full week pray everyday sincerely for someone else...just watch your love for them grow OFF THE CHARTS! It is incredible! I pray for all of you, friends, family, people in and out of the mission! I love you all!

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!!!!....I love America.

I want to be a champion, kinda like Nephi and Lehi in the 3rd book or Nephi. They had people to look up to like Ammon and you know how insignificant they must have felt....but still, look at what they accomplished! I know that we all have people that we look up to, but don't look down on yourself! You are a son or daughter of God and have all the power that his child should have! So go out and be great, go and be a champion!

The girl Caroline that just got baptized might go serve a short term mission in the next week or two...AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #TreeOfLife

Time flys you cannot they go to fast.-----think about that one #PapaJim

But really, where did the time go! wasn't I just in the MTC totally lost? How do I only have 4 months left...that seems like nothing.....what am I gonna do!

I really appreciate everyones love and support!! thank you so much! It would be nice to get letters and hear about your amazing lives (cough cough family!!!! cough cough I didn't hear that BRENNEN got his call till today!?!?!?!?!?!!?!? Thats you Uncle Merle ;) jk.,.....but really :) )

Shine bright!!!

I love you all! have an amazing week!!

Elder Gish


Ge Sheng Long ZhangLao