Monday, October 1, 2012



You can only imagine what this last weekend was like around the Gish house since Sam received his mission call on Friday.  (Scroll to previous post below).

There have been a few missionaries who have served in New Hampshire that have made such a significant difference not only in our family, but in the lives of Sam and Chase. Two of them are the current missionaries serving in our ward, Elder Packer (left) and Elder Anderson (right). (One of the other Elders – Cody Anderson, who was a missionary here over a year ago and is home now – skyped in when Sam opened his call.)


These two Elders are so great! We feel blessed to have such spiritually strong, service oriented and fun missionaries in our ward.


(I couldn’t get a serious photo with this group – this is as formal as they would get…like brothers….)

Last night after dinner, Sam and Chase went out with out with Elder Anderson and Elder Packer to teach a few people who are interested in the gospel and what Mormons are all about.  Sam goes out with the missionaries as often as he can.

Yesterday at church, our Bishop (lds-eese for pastor or father of a congregation) invited Sam to share his testimony and announce where he would be serving. In it, Sam said: “I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve the Lord Jesus Christ by serving and loving the people of Taiwan.  I pray I can share the light and knowledge of the truth that families are eternal, that Jesus Christ lives and that His gospel and church have been restored to the earth. – I know that those things are true.”

5 more Sundays to go…