Wednesday, November 14, 2012

First Letter from Sam

Shannon Here:

In my last posting, I mentioned that there will be one more message from me before Sam’s letters are posted here – and one more from me is on it’s way. But it will have to wait until Harvey gets back from traveling and he hands the camera memory card over to me (pictures from the MTC drop off.)

But to our great joy, we received an email from Elder Sam Gish this morning – so here it is:

Hey! Elder Gish Reporting In from the beautiful world of the MTC!

The MTC is great, it really does feel like a whole world apart! My companion and I had to go to a hospital for x-rays (all the Taiwan missionaries need it) and right when we walked out of the gates we seemed like scared puppies! It was a whole new world all the sudden! And its only been 6 days! So just so you know my estimated departure date is the 22nd of January. The 8 week plan has not started yet, BUT, it might start while we are here. So we might get kicked out early, we will have to see.

So I will start with some funny stories to make sure everyone stays interested! First off going to bed at 10:30 and waking up at 6:30 is much different when you aren't taking naps throughout the day....I was so tired my first day that when I went to shower I lathered my hair up with my body wash and visaversa....Semi embarrassing....but at least I am the only one who knew about it, till now of course haha. I also was trying to put my tag on and my hand slipped and I punched myself in the nose pretty companion was there to witness that one...

Speaking of my companion he is GREAT!!! His name is Elder Green. (GREENIE!!!! ;) Just kidding!) He really is a great guy, we call him Gu Zhang Lao (Zhang Lao is Elder). My name is Ge Zhang Lao! The chinese is coming along so well! On our second day we were given an investigator to teach, her name is Mao Xiao Jie (Ms. Mao). SHE IS AWESOME! Her whole family is Buddhist but she is Christian. But....she speaks NO english, AHHHH. But of course the blessings from the Lord are just POURING out for us. We are able to communicate so well! And Elder Green bares the most powerful testimonies! In fact, yesterday we were teaching her and she asked us two questions (I only know that cause she ended in “ma” which is how you make a sentence a question). It is hard enough to keep up and to be able to talk and listen to her but suddenly she asked a question after reading a little bit from the Book of Mormon. We were lost...UNTIL...The most amazing thing happened. A word kept repeating in my head...Shu Zui. I had no idea what that word meant....but I thought (was prompted) to look in one of our missionary books. And I flipped to a certain page and I didn't know why...But then I started to just talk and all the sudden I remembered Shu Zui was the Atonement and the page I was on was ALL ABOUT the Atonement! AMAZINGG!!!! And guess what? Her question was "what is the Atonement!?" HOW AMAZING IS THAT!!! We have been so blessed as a companionship as we stay 100% obedient to all the fact, we wish there were more rules so we could be MORE obedient! :) We have been able to commit Mao to read the Book of Mormon and to pray about it! She is still shy about praying with us, but line upon line. :)

So something else fun, I ran into Josh Miller! My first College Roommate! It was nice to see him. I also was able to hang out a bit with BEN ROCKIN JOHNSON! I mean...Elder Johnson :). He left for Italy today. I am so excited for him to teach the gospel! I am so excited to get out and teach the gospel! We had a devotional not long ago and the whole MTC gathered and we sang...I was BLOWN AWAY! I love hearing the voices of all the elders and sisters gathered together singing in the attitude of praising our God and all with one voice!

Another sweet Elder Green story! We had a companionship inventory (where we get together and share our likes and dislikes about each other and how to improve and to support and love each other). But I asked if we could share our mission scriptures. His was Nephi 3:7...when I heard that I thought...Are you kidding me....thats kinda lame elder...AND MAN WAS I HUMBLED!!! He bore testimony on it and it BLEW ME AWAY!!! I LOVE BEING HUMBLED!!! It was so great to read that scripture and to hear a representative of Jesus Christ bare testimony on it. I sure love this guy :).

So mom asked for a top 20 list. I don't know if I have time for all that But I will give it a shot! (These are NOT in order)

1. Pom Juice

2. Mints (we can't chew gum)

3. LETTERS! :)

4. Any small treats

5. LETTERS! :)

6 -19.....refer to 3 and 5...

20. Having prayers said for my companion and I as well as our investigator!

Really to anyone who wants to know what to send Elder Gish...Letters are of course amazing and every elder LOVES getting packages with trinkets or food. But prayers are like our fuel and we NEED that spiritual fuel. So thank you to all those who have said prayers on our behalf. They have been felt. I hope that you know that the Lord will bless you for the support of his servents. So thank you SO MUCH!

I hope that everything on the outside world (not the real world cause as missionaries we ARE in the real world :)) is going well for everyone!

Here is a quick testimony for those of you who want to know how the Chinese is going!

Wo zhidao women shi tianfu de haizi. Wo renshi tianfu ai women. Wo ganjue shen rang wo chuanjiao jihui. We ai YeSuJiDu. Wo zhidao Moermenjing shi shen de hua. Wo zhidao Yuese Sime shi shen de xianzhi. Wo ai shen de haizi. feng YeSuJiDu de ming, Amen.

Thank you all for your love and support! And I will try to attach pictures either later on today or next week. There have been problems with elders sending we have all been punished and the privilege is being revoked or at least it is more difficult. But I will see what I can do. Don’t worry mom I am documenting everything I can for you! I LOVE YOU!

Your Elder,

Ge Zhang Lao

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