Monday, February 4, 2013

dixiongmen, jiemeimen, dajia hao! (how they address people for church talks)

Taiwan is so awesome! Filled with CRAZY smells, and crazy nice people!
It is so funny how Elder E. [Shannon here: Reminder – Elder E. is Sam’s mission companion.] and I will get TOTALLY rejected by someone, but not feel bad at all after because they aren't mean at all! I mean, of course we are sad that they don't want to hear this INCREDIBLE message, but at least they are nice. Everyone is just so friendly, in fact, this week we were walking in a park contacting and all the sudden I had to go to the bathroom, so I asked a man (who didn't look too friendly, but never judge a book by it's cover!) where a close one was, and he said he wasn't sure but that he could take us to his house and I could use his! How nice is that? We walked over and got to have a really quick lesson too! I think I might start using that as a contacting tactic from now on ;) haha.
So I have an AMAZING miracle this week! Ahhh it was so great! So We were street contacting, and I looked at this guy and kept thinking that I should talk to him. So I pointed to him and asked elder E. if he had talked to him before. He said they used to talk to him every week but he would never meet. But he still encouraged me to give it a try. I decided that it wouldn't be worth it since he didn't accept the 'expert missionaries.' So we decided to go to the next intersection. Elder E. started to bike away and I got about one or two pedals and then my chain fell off! Off the brand new bike that has had NO problems! I was a little upset. But I got off and Elder E. was already across the street contacting (So "you [pronounced yo] banfa" {mission term for an awesome missionary}. I walked my bike over to the side of the road and bent over to look at the gears. Then ALL of the stuff in my pockets fell out....ugh. I was feeling pretty embarrassed, and frustrated. But I picked up all my stuff and looked up and that guy that I had been watching over came over to help out! We flipped the bike, fixed it all up (It has had NO problems since) and I had a good conversation with him and we set up an appointment! HOW AMAZING IS THAT? Some angel clearly took off my chain and pushed all of my dongxi [stuff] out of my pockets! :) It was such a blessing! My haihao [kind of okay] day turned into such a happy and grateful day! It was an amazing miracle! It is so amazing to see the Lord's hands in our lives in just the little day to day things!
I have one more miracle that really hit me hard this week. So I had only been in Taiwan for about 5 days when we met with a W. D., he is this old man that believes we are basically all animals and the only real difference is that we wear clothes! But he has still been coming to church and meeting with the elders cause his dad was Christian before he died and Wu wants to learn what his dad believed. But it was my first meeting with him. And we started talking and teaching, and it was the first lesson where Elder E. basically forced me to lead the lesson since he would hardly talk >:0 haha. But it was good because it really pushed me. But we ended the lesson and I thought nothing of it until this past Sunday. W. D. walked up to Elder E. and told him that we was rethinking things and that he wants to progress more! He said that when we talked he was so blown away that I could understand him and talk to him, he said that he thinks it might be a sign from God. He called me his angel! HOW AMAZING IS THAT?! I know with all of my heart that I was not the one that made him think that, because really I hardly understood a word he said! But the spirit did, and the spirit helped me to communicate with him and the spirit testified to him that these things are true! It was NOTHING I did, I am SO grateful to the Savior and to Heavenly Father to have my back like that, to help me out and to bless his children like that! 
So a quick funny story. We went to go visit this family, the D. family. They captured this bird and keep it as a pet. Well they wanted to show it to us! So they set him on my shoulder (reminded me a lot of our trip to Florida! Brought back some really good memories! ) But so the bird was on there for about 5 or 10 sec and then I wanted to move him onto Elder E. because he really doesn't like that bird haha. So I wanted to set the bird on him and just be funny when BAM...the bird pooped all over my shoulder...I was just The family quickly got the bird and helped me to clean it out. And right now I am washing my clothes that have a little yellow stain on the shoulder. It really was pretty funny!
Another funny story! (And mom I TOTALLY forgot your letter at the house. So I will just answer your questions either next week or in a letter I send is that okay? SORRY!) So you know how we are INFESTED with roaches...ugh. Haha, So I have been killing a ton lately, and yesterday there was one in our room so I went to go squish it with a piece of paper and RIGHT BEFORE I squished him, the paper slipped out of my hand and my thumb went right on him and totally squished him! Of course I had one of those freak out moments when somethings takes you by surprise (kind of like mom stepping on that frog :) haha). Elder E. and I were laughing so hard that we were crying! haha It really was pretty funny.
So as a last note before I get going. I want to let everyone know how IMPORTANT referrals are, if I had known about how important they were before, I would have been giving referrals every time the elders came over. It doesn't even have to be someone you think is Golden, just a friend who could use the gospel (in case you don't know...that would be EVERY FRIEND! haha EVERYONE can use the gospel!). We are really having a hard time getting referrals lately, so on behalf of the other elders around the world, I would challenge everyone to think of at the least ONE person to give as a referral to the Missionaries (even if it is yourself :)) We came out here to Taiwan, learned Mandarin and live in a cockroach infested apartment, wake up at 6 and go to bed at 10:30. We do it because we KNOW THIS IS TRUE! We want to bless the lives of everyone we talk to. We came out here because this gospel has changed our lives for the better. No matter how happy or peaceful we are without the gospel, we can all, ALWAYS improve. The Gospel is they way to do this! I see these people that wave us away and I get so sad to think about what they are passing up. If you haven't given the elders a chance, then just give them a chance, how can you know that you don't need something until you give it a shot? And if you have before and think that this just "isn't for you"...then I am sorry to say...You are wrong...this IS for you. This is ALL FOR YOU. This Gospel is for every single person individually. The Savior gave his life for YOU as an individual and he loves you as an individual.
So let this gospel bless those around you :) refer your friends, or yourselves haha.
I love you all so much and I hope that you have had a great week! So until next week! :)
Ge Zhang Lao