Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Forgotten Addendum


Hey mom! I only have about 5 min to write this! But I was reminded to tell you to tell everyone to NOT send mail here this week, I won't be able to get any mail after Saturday at 2pm. So anything that you want me to get needs to get to me here before then, otherwise just send it to Taiwan :). Tell everyone thank you so much again for everything!!

Just one quick quick cool story I forgot to tell you! This last week we got to use skype in order to teach an investigator! It was a little difficult to hear the Chinese muffled by the computer but it was amazing! We sung hymns to him and talked about the importance of church! It was so wonderful! I just thought I should remind everyone about how truely blessed we are to have the technology we have! So use it in the ways that the Lord would want us to use it! :) I really hope you have a wonderful day! I LOVE YOU! :)