Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Only 2 Weeks Left

I am going crazy!!! Can you tell from the Picture?...The funny hat one is Rao Zhang Lao and I being pokemon trainers haha. That goes to show how crazy we are going here! I really do love the MTC! It is amazing here! But 10 weeks is enough for me haha. I just want to get out and preach and teach and share this AMAZING MESSAGE!!! I know that I have a lot to still learn in the Gospel and ESPECIALLY in Chinese! But I am just so anxious to get out to the field and do the Lord's work!

Wanna hear something AWESOME!? We got new teachers this week (Wu laoshi and Liu laoshi) They are both really cool! With this switch we also got new investigators! Xiao DiXiong and Qiu DiXiong! They are both amazing people! But what is superdooper cool is that Wu laoshi came back about 4 months ago from Taibei! He knows Elder Graves AND Elder Gong! [Shannon here: Elder Graves is a friend from Colorado. Elder Gong is a friend from New Hampshire. Serendipitously, they were companions just a few months ago in the Taiwan, Taipei mission. Both are really wonderful young men.] It was really cool to take a second or two to talk to him and hear about my amazing missionary friends! I really have been blessed so much by the Lord with THE BEST FAMILY AND AMAZING FRIENDS!!! The Gospel has blessed me more than I could ever express and more than I could ever show my thanks for! I can't wait to get out to Taiwan and to serve the Lord through the people Taiwan and to share this gospel with EVERYONE IN TAIWAN! Can you sense my excited...ness? Yeah...my English might start to drift away a bit. We are all doing our best to use ONLY Chinese. So the only time we use English is when we just really truly cant get our point across, when writing family and friends, or when our teachers make us :(. We are all getting really good with our MTC Chinese, but we all know that MTC Chinese is NOTHING like real Chinese, especially in Taiwan with all their funny accents! Apparently in Taiwan, they all have really girly accents! All the teachers warned us about it so that the Elders don't start picking up the girly accents! It was really funny when they gave us examples though! It is also a little hard to understand! I'm sure with the Lord's help we will get the hang of it!

This week has not been too exciting, I don't know if everyone has heard but some big flu wiped out the MTC, over half the elders and sisters were sick. It was insane! But everyone seems to be back to normal! But, because everyone was sick the week was incredibly uneventful! However, I was able to do some SWEET study of the Book of Mormon! I LOVE that book! It is so powerful and wonderful! I was studying the life of some of the BEST missionaries (besides the savior) like Ammon, the Son's of Mosiah and Amulek! They are so amazing! One thing that really touched me was when they say that the thought of just one soul perishing made them shake and tremble! No matter who the person is, no matter if they are a loved one or an enemy, we have to have that mindset! Then EVERY person we see will be the perfect person to share the gospel with! We will then see them as God see's them! And at that moment, nothing will stop us from inviting them to come unto Christ! When they see and feel the love of the savior through us, they will WANT to be taught and be baptized by proper authority! HOW AMAZING IS THIS WORK! I want nothing more than to share that love, that piece with everyone I come in contact with!

Sorry this isn't too long, I didn't have a lot of time today....we FINALLY get to go back to the temple and we are heading down a little early to get Lunch!
Thank you all and I love you all!

Love Ge Zhang Lao!

P.S. I am not sure about how dearelder's will work in Taiwan but it is probably still the fastest way to get mail to Taiwan! The handwritten will always be the favorite though ;).
P.S.S. CHASE WHY YOU NO WRITE YOUR BROTHER! :( haha. I sure love and miss you Bro.
P.S.S.S. Gage, you are the favorite brother :) hehehe. JK I LOVE YOU BOTH!