Sunday, May 5, 2013

This IS real! :)


I want to start off with something today that might seem kind of small but made a huge diffrence for me and has really touched me. So recently I have been really struggling with thinking about if the Spirit is REALLY with me. Am I teaching and finding by the spirit? Do I even have the spirit with me? How can I tell....It is a hard question to answer somtimes. But this week we went out and in this specific store I heard songs (in english), songs that I might have listened to before or atleast been okay with listening to, and saw somethings that I really didn't want to see (nothing really bad, just small things I would rather not see) and as it happened I litterally had this slight sick feeling start to develop inside me! And I knew right away that my spirit was litterally uncomfortable in that kind of enironment! It was a little weird because it hasn't really happened before, but I think it counts as an answer to prayers! God saying "yes, you do have the spirit with you!" I hope that doesn't sound too wierd haha, it is getting harder and harder to phrase what I want to say in english so I hope things don't come out tooooo weird! :)

So I am gonna be honest...I TOTALLY forgot my book that has all the fun and more spiritual experiences that I record! AND camera card is ALSO back at the apartment...:( Sorry everyone! I will get on that next week! I hope I will have full time next week! There is a chance I won't be staying in xiaogang (小港) so I might have a lot less time from the transfers. But we will see! I hope that I stay! I love it here! Everything is so great and so much fun! Plus I have really come to love the people here! But I am sure I will love the people no matter where I go! That has been one of my biggest goals this move call, to develop more charity and love for everyone! It really makes a HUGE difference in peoples lives when they can feel that you love them! It can be the changing factor for them! My Mom was always such a great example of loving people! I am sure you have all felt it :) Another example is my amazing companion! Elder Baxter is so humble and loves everyone! He would never say a mean thing about anyone!

So I am gonna be super honest....I am having a hard time thinking of things to write...I am just tired out of my mind hahaha :) I LOVE THIS WORK!!!!!!! Oh and sorry if this is a little shorter as well, I am trying to set up the mother's day skype with my mom! So I am trying to move in between emails!

Oh wow...I am out of time...I AM REALLY REALLY SORRY! Forgive me! Well atleast now you can all get a break from my overly long emails and be excited for next week with pictures AND a good email :)

I LOVE YOU ALL! And I really am sorry! SHINE BRIGHT!!!!!!!


Ge Zhang Lao

葛 長老