Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Good old Taiwan!

This week was again...of course....SO MUCH FUN! If you can see from some of the pics...we had one of our RC's [Shannon here: Recent Converts] G. go to the southern most tip of Taiwan (a big tourist spot) and but us some fun little things haha. He is so awesome! I love the amazing friendships we make out here!

So I think the biggest thing this week is how sick Elder B. is! That poor guy! He got these sores all over him and they itch and burn a little...it even spread into his mouth....ahhh...it is literally all over! It doesn't seem to be communicable but that doesn't keep me from trying to stay a safe distance. He is still such a hard worker and it is so good to see an Elder with such faith! Of course our work this week has been affected by it a little which was tough. But maybe this is just that little drop before the HUGE pick up. It is really funny walking around with Elder B. while he wears his mask. Lots of Taiwanese will wear masks all the time because of the bad air! Pretty much NO missionaries will wear them, but because of his sickness and the sores he wants to be able to talk to people and not have them be grossed out so he wears the Taiwan masks! So lots of people actually like it because it looks like we are trying hard to be the same as them.


I want to let my best friend Gary write about himself for a second. This is him, "Hello, this is Gary. I am from Taiwan"

That is all he wanted to say, he is scared about his english. It is actually pretty good though.

SO this week ne? :) One thing that is insane is the CRAZY RAIN!!! It will just out of nowhere start POURING absolutely pouring! IT was super crazy! Then it will just stop and then 5 min later start again! So needless to say we have taught a few lessons soaking wet this week haha.

I am sorry if my thoughts seem a little scattered this week. I have not gotten a ton of sleep and it has been hard trying to help Elder B. He is such a trooper.

So as a little funny story...I have apparently found my master here in Taiwan. There is this old man named Mr W. We were in a lesson and he told me this..."I pick you, will you be my apprentice?" Of course it was all in chinese...but immediately my mind jumped to how I am going to become a ninja/ kungfu master!...but no...he is just wants to teach me all his crazy thoughts so that I can start a "religion revolution”. oh gosh. He is so funny, and I gotta say, I was a little sad when I realized that I was not going to be learning to be ninja...haha

Okay ready to hear a miracle? YEAH! So we have this amazing RC named J. It is hard to get him to church though because his mom doesn't want to take him. BUT recently we have been praying for him and trying to teach the family and then out of nowhere...BOOM! The Grandpa tells us that he wants to go to church and get baptized because he believes it will bring his family happiness! Well of course we said...well I believe so too haha. So it was amazing! The Lord is so good to us!

I am sorry this letter is a little shorter, but I had to help Elder B. get to Taibei this morning so I am short on time! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!


Ge ZhangLao