Monday, July 8, 2013

Toss out the OLD WAYS!



Friends, family, all that can hear my call, listen! I have something very important that I need you all to hear! THIS IS TRUE!!!!!!!! :) This gospel! Everything we teach! It is all true! There are lots of things that I can say that some may say are just coinsidence, but I know that these miracles we see are all because of the Lord's hands in our lives! (Sorry if the english is sounding weirder and weirder...Somethings just sound better in Chinese...) So why the sudden outburst? This week Elder Furner and I met with a less active in our ward. As it turns out he had been going to another christian church for a few months and he was telling us about all these stories the people would tell about members of their church having the gift of tounges or about miraculous healings and so forth. It was really interesting to see how because of these stories he had been led away from things he had felt before and things he had known to be true. Luckily for me, my companion Elder Furner is 超強!! He is so filled with the spirit and righteous desires. It took a few minutes of teaching correct principles, sharing powerful testimony and a pinch (maybe a whole ton) of the spirit and then BAM this less active was lead right back to the restored truth of this gospel! All of the sudden, the other big cool stories didn't mean as much as the feeling he had! Signs and Miracles WILL NOT CONVINCE OF THE TRUTH! ALthough there are some amazing stories and some of them are really cool, there is nothing like the testimony that comes from the Holy Ghost witnessing of truth! I just thought it was really amazing experience because ofcourse (my pridefull self :(...) I wanted to try to combat what he was saying with amazing miracles the LDS people have had...thank goodness I was restrained and instead of ME trying to convince him, Elder Furner and I just let the spirit do all the work!

First some shoutouts/funny things...#1..Chase....when I got your letter I litterally couldn't tell if it was you or Gage writting until I opened it and starting reading haha. I love you so much bro and I miss you like crazy! YOU ROCK! Don't you forget it ;).
#1.5 GAGEROO!!!! That picture made me smile so big! (attached somewhere) I think other than the tail we almost look exactly alike right? :) Love you buddy!!!! I miss you Roo!


#1.75 MOM AND DAD!!!!! YOUR LETTERS GIVE ME SO MUCH STRENGTH!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! I love you both so much!

#2...I don't know if you have heard about getting doored...well it happened to my comp this week. It means you are biking fast and on the side of the road and then BAM someone opens the door and you fly full speed into that door! I was infront and all the sudden I heard a big "UHHHH" And a crash sound. I looked back and there was Elder Furner rolling on the ground and his bike still in the air coming down! I was ofcourse like "...well this is...AHHHHHHHH" haha. Oh it scared me so bad! Atleast we got to teach the gospel to the guy Elder Furner crashed into :)

#3 FOR ISSAC SOUCY! some weird foods besides fish eyes and the thousand year old egg. This week I ate ostrich meat, octupus leg, this super nasty fish egg, black chicken, stinky tofu (really stinky). That is about it for now but I will be sure to let you know of others :)

#4 Elder Stark is my hero ;)

So any other really cool things happen this week...well lets on a mission serving the lord so..yes! :)


Our new mission president came! I am so nervous! We will be meeting him on thursday! I will let you know how it all goes! Another big thing is that last week we had a DuanChuan (a young man stay with us for the whole week!) It was SUPER funny being with him and watching him go out with us, so scared and new! It really brought me back ;) haha...gosh I sound like an old fart!....Like Dad ;) hahaha. Just kidding pops! It was nice though to be able to see my progression as a missionary and to be able to help a young man develop his desire to serve!

My big fun thing this week was being able to play the guitar and Sing at a nightmarket! It was so much fun! I know some of you are like what! YOU SING?...well don't worry, I had people there to sing and help out haha.

I gotta go email the new president and take care of some other missionary stuff...:( I love you all!



Ge Sheng Long ZhangLao