Sunday, February 2, 2014



I really gotta say...I feel more and more cool each time I say that I am starting PROJECT SPEED haha. So what is Project speed Elder Gish? Well let me tell you...It is a finely tuned, well planned, heavenly vision! It is something that Elders and Prophets of the Ancients have tried to bring to pass for ages without days...and finally after centuries of struggle...the Gryphon and Dragon the the Land of Eternal Health have done it! We have finally begun....PROJECT SPEED! It is a project that includes five different points for taking an ordinary run of the mill missionary and turning him into a sanctified servant of God!

S--SYL--speak the language and master the language so that you can 100% understand and teach with the spirit, only then can you do ALL things the Lord would have you do.

P--PART--...yup you heard right...part the hair baby. This is something that my amazing trainer instilled in me! It is humbling with a pinch of professional! It really brings out the Servant in you also gives you this weird power to be 有辦法! (Having a way!)

E--Evaluate--we evaluate all we do to see how we can do better, what to change and to see if what we are doing or have planned will be worth our while/ what the Lord wants!

E--Eliminate--This is getting rid of all things that take away from who we want to be as sanctified servants. We want to "avoid all appearance of evil" (1 Corinthians?)

D--Dominate--Just be the VERY BEST WE CAN BE, doing ALL WE CAN DO. And then dominating on and off the field ;)

THAT Boys and Girls, is Project Speed! :) haha

So as most of you probably DON'T know...unless you know someone in Asia...This week is 過年 (guonian) which is the New Year for people out here and it is HUGE just like our Christmas! Gosh it is crazy! Lots of fireworks...loud....all the time...and LOTS AND LOTS of food...I think I have been fed enough to last me a few weeks. Except actually for some reason I have been SUPER hungry recently and don't seem to stop eating..I am ALWAYS hungry! That can get kinda frustrating as you are out talking to people and your stomach keeps yelling at you...but anyways, back to the new year!

So we have been being VERY well takin care of and after dinners sharing powerful scripture and testimony which is always the coolest thing ever!! But do you want to know what is NOT the coolest thing ever...Eating black fish egg, squid beak, mini shrimp thingy salad, giant squid filled with brown stuff in the intestines, (yes the brown stuff is what you think it is...) and a variety of other nice things..haha. No it really is awesome! The people here rock! They pull out all the stops for the missionaries here and feed us the very best! I am so grateful for all of there amazing effort! But I will have to say...I think my favorite meal this month was the pizza from Dominos....SO AMAZING haha.

So now a little advice for the General public!

My companion and I have been talking about this a lot recently...People...if you are going to lie to us....please lie better. I want to run you through a crash course on how to NOT lie to a missionary :)

1. Listen first. Make sure that you understand what they are asking.  That way you can lie better.

Heres an example of what not to do:

"Hey we talked to your daughter and sh-"

"She´s not home"

"And she said that y-"

"Shes not home"

"She said that YOU might be interested in our message"

We later found out that she was home.

2. If you want a lie told right, do it yourself. A lot of people here send their small children to the door to lie for them.


"Hey is your mom home?"

"No, she left"

"Can you ask her when shell be home"

"Yeah one second let me go ask....MOM...."

3. Make sure that your lie is strong enough to deter the person.


"Can we share our message with you?"

"Im really busy washing my clothes"

"Can we help you wash your clothes?"

"Im almost done"

"Then can we share our message with you?"

"But...Im clothes."

4. If you ARE going to lie make sure that you can keep up with yourself, dont go to crazy with it.

"Hey do you think another day we could show you around our church?"

"I would love to but I am going to China"

"Oh that is far, when do you go?"


"wow that is quick, when do you get back."

"I don't know yet."

...About 30 sec later...

"Well sorry to bother you, do you think we could switch numbers so we can just call you when you get back?"

"That is not very convenient cause while I am in Gaoxiong (in Taiwan...) I can't answer the phone."

"I though you were going to China?"

"Oh yeah...China"

"When does your plane leave?"

"That is where I am going now...I leave soon"

"mhh.....okay have a good day sir..."

Haha...yup....the fun life of a missionary :) That was put together with the help of an Elder Gonzales and Elder Smith...witty guys :)

Also, if you get revelation...please act on frustrating when someone gets the answer and chooses to ignore it! (Yes mom and Dad...I know and I apologize for ALL THE MILLION times I did that as a kid haha :) LOVE YOU SO MUCH!)

Love you all! SHINE BRIGHT!! 

Don't think I forgot an invite ;) I hope that everyone this week can go out and pray for a chance to help someone this week! Just make them feel good! :) That is the best ever when you help someone else to feel super good!

You all rock!!!


(The Part is...It is hard to get in the part with curly hair but it is usually pretty good!...and yes...those are bike strap tan lines....)