Monday, February 24, 2014



First off I gotta throw some props out to my Boys down in Italy! Anziano Sloan and Anziano Johnson! They are just puttin down the miracles like Chase and Dane can put down 100 Chicken Nuggets!...Yes...Those boys are impressive!


Alright, now on to the things of Taiwan! This week each day had a goal and some cool events that went down! Let me tell you about our challenges and what we did on that day! Strap on the seatbelt!


MONDAY: Tract into 2 families and have them let you in! Well this was super hard since we were told all these challenges on Monday and had already planned lessons for today! But we went forward in faith! Now it is hard enough to tract into ONE house with an hour of tracting time....but TWO! That was going to need a miracle. Well...a miracle we got! We didn't get home until close to 10 O'clock that night, but miracles happened and we were able to hit the goal that the Lord set for us and met some amazing people!#YOUBANFA (There is a way)

TUESDAY: Hand out 13 Copies of the Book of Mormon on the Street. Again...with DTM and lessons already set up this was going to need a MIRACLE! And with Prayer, hard work and a LOT of faith, we got it done! You would be very suprised how willing people are to take a HUGE book that talks about God on the street. #SwordofTestimony!

WEDNESDAY: Talk to and set up specific appointments with 20 people on the street! Now Wednesday is our English day which means that from 6:00 till the end of the night we are super busy! So that means we only had until about 6:00 to get this done! So we went out and just talked to every person we could see or smell or hear or anything! #PreachUntoEveryCreature!

THURSDAY: Talk to and have 5 people set up dates to be baptized on March 22nd....well...we got 6!!!!!! It was so amazing to see who the Lord had prepared earlier that week to be ready to receive our message when we shared it and to just meet so many amazing people! Some had desire, some were curious and some just were willing! It really was amazing! #BECOMINGaMissionary

FRIDAY: Confirm 15 People for Church. This was a big one that involved us running ALL over the place and making a lot a lot of calls! It all payed off in the end, but it was a bit stressy while it was going on! But all that stressed got out in a night of basketball! We set up for some investigators and Less actives to come ball with us (best idea ever), what was even cooler was that they brought their friends!!!!! IT was AWESOME! #BallingBringsMiracles

SATURDAY: Talk to 20 Families~~Well Saturday....first things first....BAPTISM!!!!!! The amazing young man John 黃郁豪 made that step! HE IS SO AWESOME! He was so extremely prepared and it was a GREAT WAY to start closing the power week! We also got to talk with 20 amazing young families...that is the big reason I am bring people to a knowledge of the ETERNAL family and how happy the Gospel really will make each of us! #任何成功都不能彌補家庭的失敗

SUNDAY: Get 4 Investigators to Church....can you say...DOUBLES!? We were blessed to have 7 of our amazing friends and brothers come to Sacrament meeting this last week! And then on TOP OF THAT we got to go up to the Mission Home to hear the Presiding Bishop speak to us! What a GREAT way to end Power Week! It was such an amazing Blessing! I also got to see The Phoenix Elder Roberts again! It looks like he is doing really good! (Phew! I guess I did alright!) haha. So really...we were just blessed HUGE this week! I know that it wasn't anything that we did was all HUGE blessings!


We were taught by the Bishops Wife (Sister Stevenson) to go PRO for God,




And she taught us this cool thing that Sister Dalton taught the girls about giving thumbs up. And we you got a thumbs up, it was your friends checking to make sure that day you had read scriptures and prayed. If you did you could thumbs up back. I thought it was a pretty cool Idea :)

So Everyone, INVITE! I know...your favorite. My invite is going to be have your own personal power week! Make goals like the ones above for each day (obviously not the same goals, but just make big goals that will make you stretch in bringing people to the gospel). Are you willing? YEAH! I know that when you do this that you will really FEEL the spirit and know that the Lord is pleased with what you are doing and who you are becoming!

I love you all and hope you have an AMAZING week!


I know this work is true. The Church is true and I do not doubt it. I know it with all that I am and I Love it!


Ge Sheng Long ZhangLao