Monday, June 3, 2013

Another Week, another baptism!

WOW TODAY WILL HAVE TO BE REALLY SHORT!!!!! I AM SUPER SORRY! I lost track of time super bad when doing all the other things I needed to do!

Well let me get out what I think you will want to hear! :)

YES WE HAD ANOTHER BAPTISM! His name is Y-Q-M. It has no meaning in Chinese but it seems to sound a lot like YU-Gi-OH haha so maybe there is something there? I don't know :) Well he is a great young man with a huge desire to spread the gospel!

I think that my favorite thing about this week was this awsome party that we had! We had a bunch of investigators there and it was a huge blast!

Oh wow I really have no time. I am really really sorry....

I love you all so much.

I want to leave with a testimony of the Savior. I know this is true, I know he lives. He can and WILL help us to do all things that we need to do. WE can depend on him!

I love you all!


Ge ZhangLao