Monday, June 17, 2013

Aloha!!..Wait....I'm not in Hawaii...:)


大家好!!!我超級想念你們!!! This week has been super crazy! Today is Elder Baxter's LAST preparation day! How crazy is that! It really is driving me wild haha. I keep feeling like I will be going home next week too! It really isn't good! This week has been FILLED with prayers to help keep me focused on the work and to help me serve as the best servant/warrior for God that I can! And I will tell you brought miracles! :) We got a bunch of investigators to come to church! It was so great! And we had about a 80% Recent Convert attendance! Which may sound like...Elder aren't at 100% what the heck are you doing!?!? But when the mission average is closer to 40%...well yeah. I am lucky to have such a wonderful companion that can love people so well and can draw people back to church simply because they can feel his love!

So I want to take a little time out of todays email ( So I might have to finish up next week haha) to write about one of the most important people in my life, the man I look up to the very very most!...SUPERMAN!!! YES! I AM TALKING ABOUT MY DAD! HARVEY GISH! For those of you that know him, you really do know that he IS Superman. Yes he fly's he jumps buildings for morning work outs and he often races bullets!  As for the Ice breath...thats only after gum...and the laser should see those eyes after you back the car into a tree....laser vision is right haha. He truly is my hero! I have looked up to him my whole life and I am so sure that it will never stop. He has taught me more just by his example (let alone the million and 5 lectures he has given me :)) than I could ever learn from the studying of anything else! I truly love my Dad more than anything! I will actually often read the letters he sends me to keep me going out here. I am always able to laugh and smile whenever I want because all I have to do is think about our countless memories together. Memories I will always always treasure. From workout/messages to sitting on the bed watching Psych to going out and tossing a lacrosse ball. From him beating my ENTIRE 7th grade lacrosse team running backwards!!! To carrying incredibly large bags up a ladder onto a roof with no hands (impressive I know). To say the least, he is the most INCREDIBLE man and DAD on the planet and I love him so much! I am so grateful for the amazing blessing I have of being his Eldest Son! I LOVE YOU DAD! HAPPY FATHERS DAY! 你真的是我的英雄. 我希望你知道我非常的感謝你的榜樣.我非常的愛你!!!加油!!

So anyways!! I have a SWEET STORY TO TELL YOU ALL!....But it will have to wait till next week...hahah just kidding!

So in Taiwan there is one day every year where at Noon you can stand an egg straight up and it wont fall over!...It is true!! It was so cool! I am trying to get pics as I type but I don't think they will be here this week :( It was super fun to do though. 

This shortened time is really killing me...I am going to say...just be obediant and good! Some missionaries that misuse the comp make it harder on the rest of the mission...:(

Remember who you are are, why you are here on the earth, whats important and that your Heavenly Father Loves you! SHINE BRIGHT!!


Ge ZhangLao


P.S. Pics are from Elder Baxters birthday last week! Like the glasses? The other Elder is Elder Stark when he was killing my box...which is now gone haha.