Monday, June 10, 2013




I hope that the computer there doesn't get confused when I throw in a TON of Chinese! I was debating just writing in all Chinese...;) haha. Just kidding. But I do have to say, it is amazing what we can do with the Lord on our side is it not?! If the Lord could help Joseph Smith translate old Egyptian and Hebrew scripture into English, and if the Lord could help Nephi learn how to build a boat from scratch that could sail all the way across the ocean...then he can FOR SURE help me to learn Chinese! :) I have big goals for myself when it comes to my Chinese, and I'll tell you what..."step by step i'll climb the steepest mountain, step by step I'll cross the raging sea." Sometimes we all have those moments, or even days or weeks where we feel as though we are truly climbing the steepest mountains or crossing a raging sea! "But there is nothing I can't do, doing it with you [the Lord]." (For anyone wondering these quotes are from those old Book of Mormon videos! My mom sent me the music....such good memories! :)) I am so grateful for the Lord and his Atonement. The Saviors atonement reaches so much further than we can possibly comprehend, it covers everything we have ever needed and will even need, it is littlerally everything to us and I am so grateful for that amazing gift!

So on to some good stories! :) First off, from last week! last week we had a party! It was so fun, Gary brought a friend. He is so good! He has also helped a lot of our investigators! I love seeing him helping so many people and progressing so much in the gospel. And then, of course...WE HAD A BAPTISM!!!!!!! It was amazing! That is all I can really remember from last week :( haha.

But this week was really cool as well! One thing I want to share real quick is a Scripture...Alma 6:6, when I read this all I could think about was how we are all missionaries, every member is a missionary and we all have our part. We should ALL be praying and fasting for opportunities to share the gospel! Some brothers and sisters really have no idea about their eternal father and about who they really are! It is such incredible knowledge that all need to hear!  I want to issue a small challange for everyone to have these opportunities throughout the next week! These is nothing better than this gospel, nothing more important, nothing more special. I love it with all my heart and I want to share it with EVERYONE I see!

So this week we also went to go play basketball, and I got so humbled....haha. I was watching all these short guys trying to shoot the basketball and missing and I thought....oh man I am going to tear these people apart! It was so funny...but then we started playing...uhoh....I was just a teenytiny bit better than them..I was so humbled...I STUNK at Bball haha...but what else is knew....they need to give me a lacrosse stick...then we will see ;) haha. Oh man I miss lacrosse so much!

Haha gosh dang, it is getting harder and harder to type in only english...ahhhh...well atleast it is helping me to accomplish my goals! I have some seriously awesome goals! :) haha

Well I love you all We have to go set up for Elder Baxters Suprise Birthday!!! LOVE YOU 


.Ge ZhangLao