Sunday, August 25, 2013

They can take my teeth...but they cant take my wisdom!! -Mario Alves ;)

Oh could I not come up with a witty comment for the title
of this email!..

So I am going to more skim over the surface of a lot! Then I will go
deeper into just a little! If you have more questions or anything you
can always write me a letter! (No this isn't a secret tactic to get
more letters ;)) haha.

Okay SO first off, real quick...sister Wilson...again THANK YOU SO
MUCH!! Those letters really always help me so much! I love getting a
good laugh! :)

Ok quick update on people! (It will be a little different this week
since we didn't get to do AS much due to wisdom teeth...)

Okay so here comes the brief overviews....ready?...
I found this awesome Elder named Elder Guest! I feel like he is my 徒第
(apprentice) haha. He is super awesome and a few move calls below me!
I love helping out the younger generations with everything! Anything
from Chinese to how to contact or teach! I am obviously not a master
at those but I can still do my part to help them! Long story
short...the rising generation ROCKS haha.

I am sad to see one of the sisters I came out with go home! A Sister
Burrows! She really was super awesome and Taiwan will miss her!

Mom sent me pics and an overview of Youth Confernce! IT LOOKED
AMAZING! Exeter Stake ROCKS! I wish so bad I could have been there! I
won't be at the next one either...but the one after that! :)
YEAH!!!!!! You youth keep going! no matter how hard it gets, just keep
pushing forward! You can count on and trust your leaders! :)

Last P-Day we went to a small island and got to hike and go site
seeing! It was super awesome! Pictures will come!
I thought I saw John Eastman yesterday! I was like WOW BRO!!! But then
I remembered I am in Taiwan...haha

My trainer has been calling me a lot lately haha. And from it I got a
nice reminder about when I was being trained and I really liked it.
One thing we used to always say together is "obedience is my quest."
It was awesome because as you went to go do something as small as turn
right on a red light on a bike (still illegal in Taiwan) you would
think to yourself, obedience is my quest. And then you would just
wait! It was awesome. And the power that comes from obedience is
incredible!!! Ahh I love it!

I really wish I had more time to go into detail on all this!
But right now I can take some time to tell everyone about what I know
they are all dying to hear haha. So about the Wisdom teeth! They took
out my left side and will be going in later for the rest. They gave me
these little shots, so basically the most basic stuff they could haha.
Then they went in and sliced and drilled and shattered teeth and did
the job. The best part is being 100% aware, hearing the shattering of
the tooth and feeling it shoot through your gums! Am I at the dentist
in Taiwan?...yes haha. The thing is that they usually put people out,
I just forgot you weren't supposed to eat really it
is my fault haha. But they finally got them out and it was for sure an
experience! haha. They worst part is...for those that know me, I am
not very good about doing what I am supposed to after surgery. With my
Arm I was doing backflips again THAT DAY. With my Leg, I was still
going to Prom and to Sixflags. Just not the smartest haha. So with
this one...I kept doing my missionary work which...yes involves
talking. I talked WAY too much...I snapped the stitches (cause they
didn't leave holes). But that doesn't stop me! I am still going
Baby!!! Oh gosh...Elder Gish what are you doing...yeah I know.. haha.
But over all it is all okay and I am so grateful for that awesome
package!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

I love you all and I hope I can hear from more of you! :)
Shine Bright!
Ge Sheng Long ZhangLao