Monday, August 5, 2013


Hello my wonderful amazing friends and family! Let me first apologize
and say I am super rushed and have just about 0 min to type this! I
had to go get my new companion and things went a little wrong and
well...P day is almost over! I AM SO SORRY! I will just write a short
overview and message and hopefully the pics will make up for it?

Highlight: My new Junior Companion is FROM TAIWAN! He is actually from
a place called MiaoLi in Taipei. Now for those of you who don't know
that is where one of my BEST FRIENDS is serving (Elder Gibson). He and
I met in the MTC and just hit it off. Now we have so many plans for
after the mission, plus he is a chinese prodigy so it helps keep my
head in the game :).

My old comp. Elder Furner...that sly dog snuck
off to JiaYi to become a Zone Leader! He is so great and is going to
do amazing things up there!!

Now sad part...Elder Stark left! He will
be back in America soon! SO CRAZY! I am gonna miss that kid so
bad!...Just incase he reads this...ELDER STARK (Now just Jeffery
吧....Or J-money? haha) "Aight' We Back ;)" haha. Miss you kid!

Okay so onto other things! I heard an AMAZING QUOTE that will probably
change my life and I hope it has a big impact on you! (I hope I didn't
just build this up and you get disappointed haha) But anyways it was
from Elder Bednar and told to me by my amazing Mission President! He
said "We have been baptized and received a promise from the Lord to
always have the spirit to be with us so we should be more worried
about when we feel the spirit LEAVE instead of worrying about when we
feel it COME. We have the honor of ALWAYS having it to be with us."
How amazing is that! I hope so much that I can now focus more and
trust in the lord, knowing that the spirit is ALWAYS with me...I can
ALWAYS be lead by the spirit! We all can! So don't let it leave! :)

Oh. YEAH! are gonna LOVE THIS...I love showing people family
pictures! The first one I always show is of us in front of the temple!
So everyone will ask me if you FIRST are my wife hahah then they ask
if you are my older sister THEN finally my Mom haha. The oldest I have
heard guessed so far is 33! Is that not awesome!

And yes Dad, they all think you are super goodlooking too haha, but
the grey hair does give away the fact that you aren't 20
anymore...haha :)

My bike got stolen this week....yup...BUT being led by the spirit we
found it again :) I made friends with the kid that stole it too haha.
So that was interesting.

That is basically it for now...sorry I have no time this week!
this gospel is true. I really really do. But DONT just take my word
for it. Go out and try it, experience the joy that comes from it! Now
I want to invite everyone to just go out and share the blessings that
the gospel has brought you. We all have a testimony of something, no
matter how big or small. Hold tight to that testimony and go out to
share it! :)

Ge Sheng Long ZhangLao