Sunday, August 18, 2013

變謙卑了(Becoming humble :))

Yes, that is what is going on down in 小港!!

There is a missionary down here that you all know...he is slowly but surly becoming humble! haha.
Can I tell you why?...Of course I can, I am typing this email :) haha.

So I have been down here in 小港 since I came to 台灣 which as you a LONG TIME for a missionary in ONE area! I was starting to
get frustrated and really wonder why I am STILL HERE and truthfully
getting a little frustrated. I just felt like I have done my part down

But happened.

As I said my prayers that morning and did the normal routine it came time to synchronize our referrals
(which basically means that it is just time to find out if any
missionaries met anyone in our area). In came ONE referral which is
the usual actually. So I went to look at it and it all looked pretty
average till I looked at who sent it!...It said "Referred by 葛長老 Elder
Gish." I was like what the heck?! And as it turns out, this person was
someone I had met when I FIRST got on island and told me "just call me
in 6 months." That usually means, i'm not interested and I know you
will forget about me or not be here in 6 months....but guess
what...I'm still here baby! :)

So I called the person up and he came to church!

His name is Lucas and he is  miracle! He just got married
and his wife is going to be having a baby in about 5 months. He wants
help to know how to establish his family! The thing is that for his
work he also needs to go out to sea for a year at a time which is
tough and he knows will be hard on his family so he is trying to
figure out if he wants to find another job. So I need your prayers!!
Lucas needs your prayers! :) Today I am going to be really pulling for
prayers! So PLEASE HELP :) haha. (For those of you who know me too
well....I kinda feel like Goku making a spirit bomb....I need those
extra prayers! :) haha)

So that was a humbling experience to have god say..."Elder Gish, there
is a reason you are here, just trust me and move forward okay?"

Another great thing about being in the same area for 7 months is being able to
see 2 of my Recent Converts receive the Melchizedek Priesthood!! So

So ready for the experiences...FIRST OFF..For those of you with me in
the MTC...I FINALLY found the LAST 'apple tag'..atleast I think it is
the last...haha. I was in church and it fell out and I was
like..."no...." hahaha. Oh gosh I miss you all!

I was also finally convinced to eat "eel in a can" also
tastes like it sounds... haha (just say the word eel a little even SOUNDS like ewwww haha).

After being in the same room for 7 months you want a small change here
and there. At home you can buy new decorations or something but here
there is nothing! SOOO Elder 朱and I decided to just re-arrange our
entire room! It is SO MUCH MORE AWESOME! It even includes Big lazyboy
chairs to study :) haha Pictures included.

Another totally crazy thing is that the mission is already TOTALLY
changed! President Blickentaff already changed a lot! I am interested
to see how it will effect us as missionaries! Our method for doing
numbers is 100% different. I will say that it makes us feel more like
MISSIONARIES rather than salesmen trying to get high numbers...but I
think I will miss the numbers...they did really help to push me! So we
will see how it all works out! :)

As for this upcoming week there will be a surgery...yeahhhh haha. I am
sure I can tell you more about it next week...I wonder how the chinese
will sound with a chimpmunk accent?? :) haha

I love you all!

I know this is all 100% true! As for a last minute, small invite. Just
go out this week with a goal..maybe a errand you need to do, or a
shirt you want to find or something...whatever it is. But while going
out to accomplish this goal find ONE person that you can help or
bless! :)

Ge Sheng Long ZhangLao