Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Another Week in 太平

So this week...I might have just 100% forgotten to write anything down that happened this week...thus... my missionary fried brain is drawing blanks...grrr

One thing that was awesome was I was able to see a video of my amazing Brother opening his mission call! Nothing has made me happier so far than to see that!!!!!!!!! I was nervous for him even though I already knew where he was going!! =) I will probably be watching that video a lot :) 

this week we did the stake conference and it was AMAZING!! I love seeing how the missionaries and the Wards are starting to really get along and see the work progress like this! See this for me must have been what it was like for my dad to see people move from having to catch and ride dinosaurs into sitting in nice cars!! :) hahaha. JUST KIDDIN POPS!!! :) But really, this is an amazing work and I as so happy to be able to see it move along like this!!!!!!

This week...not to boast about my amazing Elder's and Sister's surrounding me...but THEY ROCK! Our Zone right now is leading our mission and the Taiping District is leading the Zone!! :) PRAYERS, FASTING, and DILIGENCE BRING MIRACLES!!!!!!!! It just got me all stoked to hear that! :)

Right now I am calling for all prayers for two amazing men, one is a Brother Yeh and the other is a Brother....zeng. They are amazing! :)

This week I decided to be a little more random in my studies and I came upon Mosiah 26.3 and made a connection to the story of the Rich man with the lord! I know it is a weird connection...but it all seemed to come together as I thought about giving up all I had and being humble...just serving the Lord 100% I will not give up and I will not back down. It is in my blood from my wonderful mom and dad! :)

I took some time to teach my district this week about the blessings of finding ourselves and discovering our potential! I have a firm belief that as we develop ourselves and take the gospel and from our lives with it, we will be so blessed and see so much more than we ever did before how much God means to us in our lives and how much our savior Jesus Christ and his Atonement mean to is EVERYTHING. So I have taken some time to just try to figure out who I want to be, who I REALLY want to be. A good Man, Father, Husband, Priesthood Holder, Friend, Brother, Son. It will take a lot of work...especially from where I am starting haha, but I will get there!

I want to invite everyone this week to just random flip open a book of scripture and randomly point to a verse, read it, and think about how it can apply to the problems or anything that you or a friend is facing. I would encourage the use of the Book of Mormon since EVERY ANSWER is IN THE BOOK! If you don't try it you won't know...that book is the key.

I love you all so much and I will try to write things down better this week! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and I really enjoy the letters and all! Sorry if I am slow on getting back to you...I WILL get back! :)

I would like to be able to hear from more of you! Snail mail makes my world go round ;) haha


Elder Samuel The Irishman Gish


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The pictures below are from the Official Taichung Mission Blog