Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Padawan has returned!

That is right!!  I have received another Padawan to enter into my Jedi Training network. He will soon be known as Jedi Knight Roberts trained by the hand of Jedi Master Gish! Some may say...Elder...are you really a Jedi Master? The answer would be...yes...that would be due to the metachlorians handed down to me by my Father and Mother. For those of you that don't understand...please go watch StarWars again :) haha.

So I realized yesterday that my chinese really is taking over...I looked at my companion yesterday and said, "I want with you right now to set goals, is that alright?" My grammar is all messed up...hopefully it still all works out haha.

Okay, well I just went through a lot of my friends emails that they sent me (one's on missions) And you know what the most common phase I saw was "Can I say....miracles!?!?" haha SO AWESOME!!!  THIS WORK BRINGS SO MANY MIRACLES! It is seriously so so true! I love it. How can someone NOT see what we are saying is true....LOOK AT ALL THE MIRACLES!! AHHH! :)

So I know what you are all thinking now...HOW IS THE TRAINEE?! Well Elder Roberts the great rocks!!! He is a super stud and super 帥!! He is also really funny, I kinda forgot what it was like when I first got here but now the memories are slowly coming back! :) haha. But the best is that he is doing is best and has a sincere desire to do what the lord asks of him!! I love it!!! One funny thing is that we were talking to someone about our families and all this stuff and somehow we started talking about someone that he knows that is a chef or something and when he said it me and the other investigator were takin back because he said "Go DIE!" hahahhahaha. The words are exactly the same with different tones hahah. SO FUN! :) I love chinese! :)

So this week really in all was so amazing! I got to see my Old MTC companion Elder Green. That stud seems to be doing amazing out in his area! It was awesome to see him and I was able to meet a LOT of new missionaries and make a lot of new friends! I seriously LOVE my mission...I don't think I will ever be able to express in words how much I LOVE it here...I have seen a lot of friends go home and I know that when that time comes for me I am going to be soooo sad....:( I hate thinking about that time coming so lets change topics :) haha.

Some small miracle from this week is the personal strengthening of my testimony and love for this work! This week one of the sisters in my district was havin a tough time a guess and I was privileged and honored to have her come to me and ask for a blessing! I gave her that blessing and felt so edified! The rest of the day and week I felt so good! Especially after she let me know how good it made her feel! I just felt so strengthened! It was awesome! Being worthy of the Lord's direction is...well...THE BEST! And knowing that at anytime anyone can come to you and ask for that...I LOVE IT! It really helps me to understand about how much the lord loves and cares for each of us individually!

Last bit of stuff...The move call came! A TON of the district is leaving...it is so sad...but like a phoenix we will rise from the ashes and again bless the lives of the people of 太平!

This week we got ditched a ton and it really put a hurt on our work...we got pretty frustrated...but how did we handle that? We went out and served! Nothing brings happiness back like service (that is what my Dad taught me!) We served EVERYONE! Our members, investigators, district members! And it is EASY to see the blessings that it brings! We were still able to hit most of the mission standards even with a LOT of missed lessons and the district was still so happy and as a district we had done really well! I LOVE THIS DISTRICT! I am really sad to see it split up but excited for the miracles that are coming!

In my studies this week I read about Teancum. Now I know what you are thinking...Elder Gish...Don't you go rouge on me. Don't worry I would much rather be a Moroni than a Teancum haha. But I was still just impressed with his diligence! I made choice this week, I would give my life for this work! I love it so much and I want to give it my all! With Alma and Amulek (Elder Roberts and Gish) There is nothing we can't do under the power of the Lord!!

Alrighty everyone!! HERE COMES MY FAVORITE PART AND YOUR FAVORITE PART!!! THE INVITE FOR THE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you ready? Get in contact with an old friend and just chat 關心他們一下. :) It is a good way to show love for the lord and show THEM the lord's love for them! :)


Ge Sheng Long ZhangLao