Monday, November 18, 2013

And the War begins!

The War?...yup, the WAR! Elder Gish what war? The war between the natural man and my eternal potential!!!

IS that not the coolest idea for a book ever!? Probably have a lot like that already actually...but still.

So here is why I say this! This past week I have really had a big struggle within myself. I don't really know what it is or why it was there, but if there was ever a time that I wanted to go on a walk with Mom again or hop in the mini with Dad it would be now! I just feel as though there are these forces within me battling for who will come out on top! It is wild! I have one that is totally natural man and wants to just give in and tells me things like "people will understand" or "no-one will know" things like that. Or even things like, "this time it is okay to just take a rest, don't worry about talking to that guy over there." And then there is this...強烈的感覺...(overwhelming feeling?)...That tells me that I have so much more to do here and that I can not settle for standard or just acceptable. This feeling tells me that as a Child of God the Eternal Father and being endowed with his spirit and his power I have so much more to do and that I CAN NOT settle for any less than what my God would have me do! It really is like a war between who I have been all the past and this new strength that has an incredible desire to take over! It is only interesting because until now I have never really felt like there where honestly two separate forces battling within me haha. Now this just reminds me of a story my Dad LOVES to tell about an Ancient Indian tribe. When a young man was feeling the same feelings I am...the old Indian Chief told the boy that there were two wolf spirits fighting inside of him...the one that wins will be the one that he feeds the most. So who am I going to feed? By Reading my scriptures, praying, choosing to obey the commandments and going to church I am feeding the new powerful angelic force within me! And by avoiding all other forms or temptation and evil I am starving out the other! YEAHH! Super cool! :)

Anyways... on to the week!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY POPS!!!!!!! TODAY MY DAD TURNS....What is it...36? Something like that! :) hahaha...wait..was it 63?....I can't really remember any more...haha...:) Anyways...Pops I am SOOO GRATEFUL FOR YOUR AMAZING EXAMPLE AND INFLUENCE IN MY LIFE!!!!! Please take care of yourself! I expect another 100 years or more out of you so you better keep working out! I think that because your metachloriens (spelling? If you think my English is getting bad wait till you hear my Jedi...haha) are so high that you should be able to use your force powers so keep going :):) I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! YOU ROCK!!!!!!

This week I discovered something that I wish I knew a long time ago but that I will never forget. Obedience is the key to unlocking the power of our faith. I have dedicated these two years to my Lord and it is only when I am obedient that he can use my faith to bless me and those around me! Without obedience my faith is for not. I will be 100% obedient and continue to allow the Lord to bless me and those around me. No matter the struggle I want to be able to stand up and be strong and courageous!! It was a nice realization! :)

I love it when you wait 30min for the shower water to heat up but it never does so you finally step into the shower and its so cold you do that panting thing...that lasts the WHOLE TIME...and just before you get out it warms up...yup...thank you amazing shower in our apartment....

So Knight Roberts and I are on the ride, soaring on the wings of angels, slaying demons in our path and gathering souls to join with us and our God! :) haha...saying things like we live in the mid-evil days is always so much more fun...haha. We found a BUNCH of new investigators this week thanks to Elder Roberts amazing spirit...I still can't get why he doesn't have to say words but can get peoples numbers...haha.



I now see that with less than a year left....the clock is really ticking...before I know it time will be up. I need to really decide right now who I want to be and what I want to do. As do we all.

So...INVITE OF THE WEEK! Pick ONE THING that you FOR SURE want to do in that week in order to improve any aspect of yourself! None of us are perfect...But we need to all pick just one thing, small or big, and the WHOLE WEEK focus on that ONE thing. I would love to hear the results from people! I have SOOOO much to improve so advice would be nice too ;)

I love you all so much and I hope you have an AMAZING WEEK! Until the next Lovely P-Day!



Ge Sheng Long ZhangLao