Monday, November 25, 2013

The Angelic Potential

sorry my time is a little low today....I spent some time translating for some other missionaries so that they could read and write to some of their really good friends out here....It is such a blessing to be able to read and write in this amazing language! There is NO WAY IN THE WORLD that I could do all this without the help of the Lord! But since I am low on time lets jump on in!!

GOOOD MORNINNGGGG SAND DIEGO!!! (Hallelujah...TESTIFY!!!!....yes Pops...I am thinking of mosters vs. aliens! :))

Okay so I know you are all just dying to hear about the miracles that happened this week! Well the thing is that most of them happened within me and so it is sort of hard to express through an email...especially when your English is sounding more and more like you should still be in elementary school....:( is too bad that google translate is terrible haha. 

So before miracles...I will start with some fun stories. FIRST AND FOREMOST I have a new found respect for baseball players!! We played baseball last arms were SO SORE!! But Dad you would be so proud! I was KILLING the balls that were coming at 140km/h...I think that is something like 85 mph. Pops would be so proud! It was a TON of fun! 

This week I also got to enjoy a delicious meal of pig scalp and intestines....yummy....:) Mom would be so happy at the things that I am willing to even THINK about putting in my mouth out here haha.

Okay...MIRACLE TIME! So this week we tried LEAST favorite method for finding people who are prepared...but we still did it because it was in our plan that we had prayed about the night before and guess what!? WE FOUND A COOL FAMILY AND WE FOUND A LESS ACTIVE WOMEN WHO WANTS HER HUSBAND TO HEAR THE GOSPEL!!! We are going to go over there tonight so....pray for us!! :) It should be really good! Another thing I loved is that we got to do TWO exchanges this week. One with the Assistants and one with the Zone Leaders! They were both really amazing! It was Elder Limpinostropong (spelling?....I just call him Elder Lick-an-ostrich-bone...sounds about right :)) and Elder Vandiford that were down here with me! It was SUCH A BLAST BOTH TIMES! One thing I learned is that eveyr missionary really has their own special thing!! One thing I have started doing is that as I go around doing different activities I try to think about and act as different prophets and missionaries from the Book of Mormon! As I go finding Less Actives...I activate Alma Mode.....when I am going to find a New Investigator...I go switch into Ammon Mode (minus the cutting off arms thing...) haha. And doing that has really kept me motivated and helped me to keep such a good attitude!!

Other than that I have really focused my studies and free thinking time (which is not much out there...) on the godly and angelic potential that we have as Sons and Daughters of our Heavenly Father. If we truly knew who we were and where we come from..I don't believe we would ever make wrong choices...if we could just see that we are LITTERALLY children of God....GOD! Then we would see our potential to be like him and we would be so much better in every aspect of life! So here is the INVITE OF THE WEEK! Pray, pray like you are talking to your Father. A REAL father daughter or father son relationship. If you don't pray...then start :)

I am sorry for the low amount of time this week...Know I love you all so much and I also really love getting letters from my amazing family and friends!!! :)


P.S. Me and my comp are the Ninjas of TaiZhong :) 


Ge Sheng Long ZhangLao




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