Monday, January 20, 2014


I want to start off and say sorry that this week I have NO TIME. I moved to a new area with a new sweet companion but have ZERO time this P-day, sorry.

So here comes a powerpacked superspeed fill-in session okay? Buckle we go!

1)  Miracles happen all the time!

In Zone Training Meeting we practiced contacting and had one where we couldn't talk. Later that night I ran into a deaf guy and taught him and helped him to agree to meet with the missionaries in the area he lived in

2)    Elder Wang is the best missionary ever period.

I want so bad to emulate the things that we has done. I love him and am pretty sad he is going home...But at least I learned a lot! He is a power house.

3)   100% obedience is totally key! LIVE IT AND LOVE IT! It brings happiness!! I promise.

4)  A man called asking for another Taiwanese person and when I said that that man was not living at our house he asked if I was his son!!! That made me feel good.

5)  The coolest thing is when an ELDER missionary sees a girl on the street and tries to help her want to meet with the sisters and realizes that he has lost all skills when it comes to talking to girls....scared to come home? ...maybe....haha

6)   The Elders taking over for us will be getting about 4 baptisms in the next 3 weeks....super sad for us to not be there but super exciting for those people! Hopefully pictures make its way to me! (The Part member family husband is going to be making that step to help his family to be together forever!)

7)    I would love to get more new years letters/reflections, those things that families send out with pics of the fam and info about the year and stuff! (THANK YOU WILSON FAMILY!!! :))

8)   We are purifying the mission and it is awesome, making sure that we are all 100% dedicated to the mission and I love it....leave all boats and nets behind!!

9   )Praying for more humility will bring humbling experiences....that is always fun ;)

10)   When you receive revelation write it down! It will show the Lord how much you appreciate the revelation and it will help you to remember it and stuff!...It is really awesome!

Sorry that is so short and everything but I really am almost out of

INVITE!!!! WHOO!!!! Okay here we go. This week I want everyone to write down some characteristics that they want to develop that would help them to become more....godly. For example...."I don't want to make excuses and actually get to church on time". I mean really it can be anything! But just do what it is that you think God hopes you will do, he will help you!

I love you all so much! I have been in Taiwan for a year now....NEXT YEAR....HERE WE COME! ELDER GISH 2.0!!! I have learned a lot and now it is time for me to really kick it in!!

I hope you have all had an amazing week! I love you!

Elder Gish

P.S. I would love to hear about what people did to become more 'godly'...I need a lot of work so all of your ideas will help me.


Ge Sheng Long ZhangLao