Monday, January 13, 2014

Is it really the end!?!?



So I forgot my planner at home...shoooooooot....but I can try to pull some stuff from memory. Then I will try to get it all in next week okay!?

Well....This week I finish my training! Oh gosh....that is scary! But really it isn't so bad since it is so obvious that Elder Roberts is just going to keep going on to bigger and better things!!! :) I am excited to see how much he will truly bless this mission! This week we will find out if either of us will be moving...I am actually just about 100% sure that I will be moving haha...but we will see! So let's just HOPE that Elder Roberts and I BOTH move and BOTH move into the same area again :) Or maybe Elder Roberts can just become my Zone Leader right away!! ;)

This morning we all went to the bat caves again! IT WAS SO FUN! It was full of adventure...I think the pictures will speak for themselves! I just wish you could hear Elder Roberts screaming like a little girl...oh gosh...those are the moments you will never forget ;) hahaha

I want to start this week off with somethings that have happened to me this without further ado:


You can't think of Dumbledore and Voldemort's name (I just had to think awhile again...) And so instead you input the names "Abinadi and Satan."

You Listen to your phone ring tones at night for fun..."Oh man that Nokia tone is dope Elder!"....yup

You quote Preach My Gospel DVDs to tell jokes with your friends

You point out how "Freakin Sweet" another Elders Fanny Pack is

You compliment other friends by pointing out how white their shirts are, "Elder...that shirt is so white! Is it new? It looks SWEET!"

You struggle coming up with complete sentences in English but you somehow still communicate...."Yeah Elder, I know, but you have to....umm....what is that word again? know what I mean right?" "Yes"

You go out to eat at a place that might cost 5 American dollars and tell your companion "whoa buddy...I don't know if I can afford to eat like this this month" So instead you go to the place down the street that costs 1 American Dollar...haha...#lovintaiwanfood

When you wake up you sit and wonder if you even fell asleep..."Elder...please don't tell me it is 6:30 already...."

You see a pretty girl on the street and your first thought is "I wonder if she would be willing to meet with the sisters!?"

You DREAM about tracting and finding family after family!

I will try to also get some others later....I think they are probably pretty typical of this amazing mission!! haha


Well this week was so filled with miracles but let me just start with the one I am most grateful for and that I want to thank everyone else for as well! So do you remember that Man that was in a Part Member Family and had a lot of problems and we tried to help him get baptized on Christmas? Well we hadn't met with him for a long time and we were about to just kinda throw in the towel and say...maybe he just needs more time (week sauce...haha). But we went over to see him anyways and try to talk to him one last time. So we went over there and BAM INSTANT PRAYERS ANSWERED MIRACLE BOOMSHALOCKLOCK BOOM! :) Yeah...I was pretty excited too...So we went and taught a pretty normal lesson and things seemed normal. And before we left he to get baptized right now the only thing holding me back is smoking and drinking and stuff right? And I said yup. Then he said "well actually last week I had a dream...It is kinda hard to tell you all about it but basically I just feel like my drinking and smoking time is over and I haven't done it for about a week now and want to keep going!"


Yup it was amazing! So we are preparing him and helping him now...hopefully he will be totally ready for the 18th! So please keep him Brother 江 (Gee-ah-ng) In your prayer! :) 

We also baptized this AMAZING kid this last week! He is so fun and super cool! He was totally prepared. All he needed was a little missionary magic and BAM he joins the fold of God and receives all those amazing blessings!

I may not know a lot, but I DO KNOW that this gospel is TRUE and that nothing will bring us closer to God than studying this gospel! So we need to just tell everyone about it!!

We have another really good friend named Brother 曾(dZ-uh-ng). He is Super amazing and we are also hoping he will be ready for the 18th. He just feels he needs a little more time even though he is 100 percent ready! I think he is just nervous about that step....but at least he realizes that it is a big important step :), I just hope that he also realizes that it really isn't a step that you can just push off.

So I have been emailing with the Old AP Elder Erickson (my trainer) and he has been helping me stay fired and helping me realize the importance and impact that just one missionary or person can make. It is good however as an imperfect person I also get a little burned when I get that kinda fire just because I am so sorry for everything that I have ever done before that has been disobedient or even "not-missionary like." I am FAR from perfect and have messed up a lot...but one thing I have learned is..well..Hakuna Matta! It is in the past and is done and I can not change it now...however I can do all I can to make up for it or to repent and let that mistake become a blessing. I am so grateful for the knowledge I have of the Atonement and how I know that the Lord can help me take those times of weakness and mistake and turn them into ways of my being able to help and bless others!!

I love this gospel and I love you all!

Have an amazing week!!!

OH INVITE! Yeah! Go up to missionaries you know and just tell them how good they are doing. It is WAY too easy to get down on yourself...especially on a mission. So let them and the people around you know that they are doing good. :)


P.S...If you see that picture and are wondering where the front tire to that bike is....the answer is...somewhere that I knew and that Elder Palmer had to find out :) haha [Shannon here: Elder Gish’s last post explained a district wide hide and seek joke that Elders play on each other after meetings.]



Ge Sheng Long ZhangLao


[Shannon here: I think Elder Gish forgot to attach the pictures of the bat cave. I know we were all looking forward to seeing them…]