Monday, March 3, 2014




Okay I had to start out with that because one out of the 4 most important people in my life...CHASE GISH...Oh....Elder Gish!!!!! HE IS OUT IN THE FIELD WITH ME! EVERYONE PRAY FOR HIM!!!

Okay, now I don't have too much time but I want to still get out a LOT of strap in!...(Do I say that every week? haha)

Okay here we go SO!

First off....who would have thought that one day I would look down at my shirt and say "Elder! Look how cool this is! I can fit SEVEN PENS in my Pocket!!...It's cool when you are a missionary!

I got TWO awesome packages this last week! Thank you Staves Family and MY AMAZING FAMILY!!!!!!

STAVES: Thank you for the Beef noodles...much appreciated, it has been a really long 2 hours since my last time eating ramen ;) haha. BUT REALLY THAT SYRUP IS SO GOOD! I Almost cried as that sugar overcame all my senses! SO AMAZING! Thank you so much! Dan is going on to his Masters!? GOOD LUCK I will keep you all in my prayers! Especially Bode! I hope that you are all doing good! LOVE YOU!

MA and POPS! YOU ROCK!!!!!!! That was so good! I really love the socks! COOLEST SOCKS ON THE PLANET! I wear them every morning to work out! I have gotten some cool compliments on them! :) I think it was funny that GAGE described me as;) haha


So The Irish night went REALLY WELL! People LOVED hearing about Ireland and I just HAPPEN to LOVE talking about Ireland so that worked out well! :) I was also to show people Lacrosse and they LOVED IT! #LACROSSEWILLTAKEOVER

I Exchanged with Elder Surdu this week!...that HILARIOUS! He kept asking people on the street.."hey do you want to party? I know a really good place" Then he would give them the Church address and say "Just kidding, but it is WAY cooler than any other party" haha.

Elder Smith and I saw REAL MIRACLES THIS WEEK AS WE CALLED FIRE DOWN FROM HEAVEN AND BURNED UP'm just wasn't THAT BIG..but it was a sweet miracle none the less! :) We were able to see a good friend of ours get baptized! He has been meeting with missionaries for much over 6 months and just couldn't seem to get that last step! But with some SWEET testifying power he decided to do it and after our lesson on Thursday he had an interview on Friday and then got Baptized on Saturday and Confirmed on Sunday! Can you say "THE FIELD IS WHITE!" (I know that everyone just said that outloud!...I is a powerful phrase, you just gotta say it with GUSTO!)


Um....well...I am 21 finally...woooo :) Fun. Tony and Leon and Ryan all came down to see me! THEY are so awesome!!! Leon is so creative and making all this stuff happen! That kid is such a stud! Tony stayed around and helped us to teach a few people! He teaches so well! It was awesome! And Ryan...well that kid is just the BOMB, He is actually down here again to be with us today! SO FUN! LOVIN LIFE IN THE PARADISAICAL LAND OF TAIWAN!


I am still in the same amazing land of YongKang with the same amazing companion and really LOVE THIS WORK! There can be so much joy found in this work!

I am learning a lot of Taiwanese and some Japanese out here too! I learned Chinese in one year so I guess next is one of those two ;)...I may also have printed off a small thing on Gaelic...LANGUAGES ARE SO FUN! Dad, Mom, you should learn some Chinese and when I call for Mothers Day see what you can say :)



INVITE! Don't think I forgot ;) I want everyone this week to actually help me with something. Pray for my amazing Brothers Dane and Chase!


Ge Sheng Long ZhangLao