Monday, June 9, 2014

Back To the FUTURE!

The craziest thing happened this last week! This old guy ZOOMED up in this car...I think it called a Delorian? Something like that. There was FIRE on the back tires and he called himself doc and then...... that didn't actually happen....but I wish it did...


Haha but really this week was pretty fun! I went on a SUPER long exchange and got to go back to XiaoGang/QianZhen! My first area! It was SO FUN! Oh my gosh! The best part was I got to stay for English class! So many people still remembered me! It actually really hit me to see how after ALL THIS TIME they still remembered me by name. As missionaries we represent Jesus Christ and I am so happy that I was able to represent him in such a way that it left such a good impact on people! Just one of the sweet blessings of being a missionary :).


On the Exchange I got to go out with Elder Gummow, I have been waiting for this moment for SO LONG! He is so good and so fun and I have always wanted a chance to be his companion, but exchanges is good too I guess :) We did WORK down in his area. It is so funny seeing the difference. In DongGang there aren't many people so sometimes it is hard to see the fruits of your labor as you go out and talk to everyone! But in QianZhen and XiaoGang it is WAY DIFFERENT! We came home one day with about 20 numbers or so and we didn't even have that much time on the street! It is SO OBVIOUS that the Lord is preparing people to hear his wonderful gospel! So if you have it....go share it! If you don't have it yet...then don't fret, you are being prepared ;) haha.


Last Monday I went out SUPER early to go ice skating and it was a LOT of fun! People hear have never seen snow and hardly EVER see ice. So other than the 8 white missionaries there, basically everyone else was falling ALL OVER THE PLACE! It was freaking hilarious and so much fun! It wasn't really their fault though...that ice was TERRIBLE! Super Bumby and LOTS of water! But it is the experience right? How often do you get to go ice skating in a tropical island? :) #JustAnotherDayInParadise#MissingMyTrainee#ElderRobertsIsABoss

Speaking of tropical islands...why does it rain so much on them in the summer??? That doesn't make sense! It rained so much this week! We were totally soaked ever single day! It was kinda nice feels like we are swimming on bikes! Cool feeling! It also makes people more willing to talk to us when they see the dedication we have to sharing the gospel! Why do you think we come out and share this and work so hard? It isn't a belief system or just any other religion....this is truth and it will effect our is REAL!


We have an investigator who wants to be baptized this Saturday! Please pray for him! His name is Lin Ping Huang (leen ping hwang). He reminds me of Mario Rodrigeuze(Spelling? Sorry bro haha). So naturally I love the kid! He is amazing and a miracle so please keep him in your prayers!

I have set some goals an made plans for my future and my role in this work! Do you have goals and plans? If not set them and go get it done! This work is all about progression so start moving forward!

I love you all! Shine Bright!!


Ge Sheng Long ZhangLao