Monday, June 30, 2014

Its all about the hair.

This week was...well it was a Roller Coaster, and you know how much I LOVE roller coasters ;).

We have had some of the most DISSAPOINTING moments so far, some of the HAPPIEST moments so far and BY FAR THE FUNNIEST!! I am excited to tell you about this adventure!

So we were biking down the long lonely roads of 東港 when we both have a feeling that we need to go down this one of course we follow the spirit and do it. Well...this road is CRAZY! It honestly looks like a zombie town, broken down shacks everywhere and it is like a forest and glass every where and....oh was sketch. But anyways we need to see what road we are on to make sure we don't get lost, so I turn into this ally and look at a sign while my comp turns in with me and keeps going forward to see if anyone lives in these shacks...well someone...or something does haha. We hear this..."Grrrr RUFF RUFF!!!!" Then one big dog walks out from the left side, another from the right. We start backing up slowly and before we know it 10 dogs have walked out from these shacks into the ally and were growling and barking! All the Sudden I hear "GET OUT OF HERE!" And My comp is BOOKIN it towards me with 10 dogs at his heals yapping and barking! I flip around faster than a herding cow in a tornado (like that metaphor? ;) thank you chinese....) and start a B-Line straight for the exit! Both of us are going SUPER fast and these dogs are bitting at our heal in ZOMBIE TOWN! Oh man it was super sketch, but it was also SUPER fun hahaha. I really love those experiences! Especially when you and your cmop just bust up laughing when you get onto the main street and start having a hard time breathing cause you are laughing at each other so hard and at the same time trying to catch your breath from bookin it out of death, zombie ally! #Psalms:23:4

We are wroking CRAZY hard down here and for some reason not seeing a ton of results so far. That is the low of this week. It was the worst I have done (numbers wise) my whole mission, but it was one of the hardest working weeks of my mission so far too...frustrating! haha. But like I said, that just means BLESSINGS!

Leon, one of my favorite people EVER, just left to go do his missionary service! He is a TOTALY BALLER! I hope he has a good time and stays safe!

I saw the most christ-like thing I have ever seen this literally almost brought me to tears. We were in Church and there is this names will be named but for the story lets call this man Lee and the other Zhong. So Lee is CRAZY I don't know what his deal is, but he comes to church with the intent to argue and start fights and it is SO HARD to help people like church and feel the spirit when he is there. Well last sunday was the worst we had seen it. He was screaming and even yelled at me super hard core and told these ladies to shut up...oh man my blood was BOILING! But as a servant and representative of Jesus Christ what do you do?....So this was in the the second hour (gospel principles) and we were just siting there awkwardly trying to get through a lesson. At the end he stands up and walks to the door, blockin it and yells at everyone and tries to call them to repentance. My awesome companion tried to escort him out nicely but it wasn't working. Then Zhong (A super strong awesome BOSS of a man) went to walk by and not say anything then Lee pushed him! Zhong is a super man and so he without saying a word turned and walked up to Lee and got their faces REAL close...oh man I thought stuff was gonna go down so I JUMPED up and got in between them. The Lee starts screaming at Zhong and Zhong really calmly and with a soft voice responds. Lee rips off his bag and puts it down and gets in fighting mode....I am FREAKING out and so is everyone in that room. Then it happens. Zhong LUNGES forward super fast and wraps up Lee in a really tight close hug....he tells him really softly that he is sorry for whatever happened (since nothing happened at all). And just holds him there for about 2 min. Then they separate and Lee shakes Zhongs hand and without saying a word they both walk out. It was so intense and so crazy. I am super sad to say if it was me. Lee would FOR SURE be on the ground. He was being so rude and so awful for no reason and it was insane....but Zhong really represented his savior Jesus Christ and did what was right. It blew me away. That is what I want to be like.

So this week, I invite everyone to find someone that maybe they don't like so much...and do something Christlike for them, you will be blown away at what it will do.

I love you all!

Shine Bright!

Pictures are of Our Zone