Monday, June 30, 2014

This week...pretty serendipitous actually

I am typing this from my super good friends I phone...forgive any mistakes haha. Everyone thank Ryan Chen for letting me use his phone!! The Internet cafe here...well it stinks. Not just stink of smoke and pee stinks as in totally lame haha. 

Well on to happier subjects!! This week was super wicked fun! Okay...more like a roller coaster, a roller coaster of emotion and success and....everything!

First off look at the picture of the guy cutting hair!! It is super crazy!! His name is zhong and he is crazy good at cutting hair. Usually hair cuts here are like 100$ in new Taiwan dollar which is like 3 dollars American. Well this guy is like 1000$ new Taiwan which is 30$ American. It is crazy!! That is incredibly expensive here. But he gives it to missionaries for free cause he loves us :):) awesome member! :). He uses 5 scissors at the same time in one hand to cut our hair!!! Super dope. He is super fun and a really cool guy. I got a super cool haircut....sorta. Curly hair is a little harder to cut super cool. (Mom Comment here: There wasn’t a picture attached of this, but will ask for one next week.)

We had a baptism this week!!! It was super awesome and totally a miracle!!! Her name is Caroline and she is awesome!! I got her off of face book, so everybody use those awesome tools god has given us!!!! :):) Her testimony of the power of the atonement is awesome and she is going to be an awesome member!! 

This week was a little is hard sometimes to see the results of all the crazy hard work that you put into an area....especially with crazy people in your branch....that guy that started the fight last week...yeah he came back haha. Frustration brings blessings?? ;) haha. Hopefully.

I don't have a lot of time this right now, gotta go! Love you all!!! Shine bright!!! 

Don't think I forgot an invite ;) this week I want everyone to start a computing with me:):)mwahahahaha I am reading the Book of Mormon in Chinese again and I want to read it in two weeks! It's time to race :):):) keep me updated where you are!

Love you all so much!!


Ge Sheng Long ZhangLao




Some kind of skin irritation that Elder Gish has contracted.


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