Monday, July 14, 2014

Love Everyone Around You

Okay...this is wicked embarrassing but i totally did not do good at my time today!!

here is a quicky

first, the shift here is broken so forgive the lack of capitals.

we had interviews with president and he is so wise!!! he called me out and it was awesome! SUUUPPPPEEEERRR humbling and i love that.

I am super exhausted. elder baker (the new bestest comp ever) works me to death and it is flippin awesome! i love working that hard! we talk to everyone and it is awesome because most of them dont live in our area so we get to help out our zone a tone!!! I love it!

I now live in the same apt that i stayed in on my first night in on island....SUper sweet!

The book of mormon is true. period. read it.

the kid mario from donggang got baptized!!!! thank you for all your prayers!

We are super busy up here so i am really sorry for my lack of email time to write this huge email! i will do better next week but i love you all!

miracle: this week there was this dude on the road and when we drove by he started cussing at us and said he hated christians and was being incredibly what did i him DUH!!! (that is a bit of my dad in me :)) so i started talking to him and he was being super rude. so i apologized to him and gave him a mango that we had just got. well that turned everything around and he decided that he was down to meet with missionaries. he doesn't live in our area but it was a sweet miracle. charity is the best ever! love everyone around you, that is what i mean when i say shine bright!

so with that. SHINE BRIGHT!!!

i love you all so much!

elder gish

oh and we have a short time missionary serving with us and he is soooo funny. i love the new 16 year old short time missionaries that are scared out of their minds! love you all!



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