Monday, July 21, 2014

A Ton Happened This Week

alright, let me just tell you how flippin excited I am! So Lin Ping Huang (mario) got baptized last week, and now has the priesthood. #FoundTheTruth

So if I seem overly excited in the email it is because...I am ;) And a TON happened this week so I am going to try to squeeze it all in with what time i have!!

We switched apartments with the sister missionaries and I feel SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad....but also so good haha. Their old apartment is SWEEEETTTTT...and our old was okay too I guess. :) So basically we got the really good end of a really unfair deal ;) haha

We also got a short term missionary to stay with us. (長老). He was super awesome...I miss that kid! However maybe now I can finally sleep! he is used to it being super hot and so we couldn't use the AC at night or he wouldn't be able to basically for a whole week i was sweating all night and just couldn't sleep at all. AC IS A HUGE BLESSING haha. And on top of that, in the morning about twice I hopped in the shower and get PELTED in the face with hot water...#That'llWakeYouUp.

On Sunday we attended the English branch...I didn't like was weird and it is going to be weird being home....haha.  But what WAS cool is that after that i got to use my ASL sign language skills to talk with a deaf family!!! The Mom and Dad are deaf but the twin daughters can hear. So we would speak to the kids and they could was so cute! I tried to use my own skills and realized that one semester at BYU-I of ASL does not make you a pro....#AnotherWakeUpCall.

I wanna ask for everyones prayers for three amazing people.

1)chen zhao hong 陳昭宏-

2) chen jian wei 陳建維

last it 3) Raymon, his wife is a member and they just had a baby boy. He teaches jeet kun do...yup...Bruce Lee status, so I might being going down there to take lessons this week ;)  I love him so much and want to help out there family. So please really pray for him!

Over all, this week was BUSY!!!!!!! We went on a ton of exchanges (Shannon here: exchanges = serving with other missionaries who are not his companion)...but i finally got to go to missionary work with Elder Noll (he is one transfer older than me which means we were in the MTC together!) We saw a TON of miracles! You know why? Becuase we prayed a ton and we asked the Lord to sanctify all our time and when we worked super hard afterwards we saw a TON of miracles!!! TOTALLY LOVE IT!!!!

We are staying busy up here! I hope you are staying busy wherever you are! 

invite....hmmmmm: just read something in Preach My Gospel.that book is flippin’ sweet!!!

I will email pics next week.

Shine Bright!!!

elder gish


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