Monday, July 28, 2014

Be a MAN!

Yes, i am singing Mulan in my head right now!


this week was really fun, but really slow and actually....the end was hard. (sorry for lack of capitals and stuff...i can't use this dumb keyboard)

Our zone in the end had a really hard time, a lot of companionships are struggling. which makes my comp and i super sad. we are working super hard and praying super hard to help...we need your prayers too! I went on two exchanges this week. one with Elder Hamula (from NEW ZEALAND!!! THATS RIGHT CHASE!!!) he is brand new and it was so fun! we did hakka stuff!


and saw a huge miracle! the big miracle was this guy that we ran into on the street. he was smoking and so naturally i started talking with him, found out that he has a family and wants help. we talked, listened and testified. after about 15 or 20 min he agreed to be baptized and set a date with us and agreed to meet again. it was incredible. it was our first time ever seeing him. HUGE miracles. the Lord totally takes care of his servants.


The other exchange was with a champion missionary named elder ward. he is super awesome and we talked a ton about our potential and about who we wanted to be. we both decided on what it was...we wanted to be MEN. to be in control of ourselves in every aspect at all times and to just be who the Lord wants us to be. we talked forever about it and about his issues and thoughts. We had a great exchange! yet...with all these exchanges and missionaries and investigators that i am trying so hard to sleeping has gone right down the drain. so not much sleep...but the miracles we see are so worth it. #icansleepwhenimdead :)

Oh yeah! THANKS AGAIN TO SISTER WILSON! I love getting those letters you sent and you have sent them almost every week! thank you so much! I know that your sons and family will be sooooo blessed because of your love for the servants of the Lord! Truly thank you so much!


we will be going on a temple trip next week so i am not super sure about when I will be emailing....hopefully I can get to it all still...if there is missing emails next week, don't worry, i will get them to you asap!

We are helping a young man prepare for his mission, so we went out a few days ago to play and teach football to we are going to just go hang out and encourage them so I gotta get going soon but i love you all so much!

thank you for all your support!

invite today: bury ONE weapon of rebellion this week...that means change ONE thing about you that keeps you from attaining your true potential as a child of God. just one thing :)

love you all so much!!!

shine bright!!!!!!!

elder gish

oh and there is a pic of an empty baptismal font (look to blog) that is when we went to baptize jianwei and we realized that a member saw the full font and thought it was too full...(what the...) and so he unplugged it and forget to plug the thing back in the it was empty and we had to refill it super fast #coldwater



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