Monday, December 2, 2013


I litterally have about 10min....I thought that I would have more time but we only have one computer where we are and so the place that I am at is makin it tough....I am so sorry! P-Day ends soon. Sorry....I love you all though. Here we go with a quick update!!

Elder Funk came! was sweeeeeet!! Spiritually uplifting! I loved it! I want some more of it.

This week was tough on my companion and I as far as numbers go. I got SUPER sick this week and it made it a little tough. But don't worry mom I am all good! :) I got an AMAZING blessing from my wonderful companion...THANK YOU ROBERTS FAMILY FOR RAISING AN AMAZING YOUNG MAN!!!! And for one full day I was honestly scared and worried and the next I was almost 100% fine.

Could some people just send pics of home and stuff. I miss seeing everyone's faces back home!! Especially Gish Clan!!! :)

I totally forgot Thanksgiving was a embarrassing is that....but the turkey that we got on that day was AMAZING!! :)

Back up plans-when set with God WORK OUT! :)

The simplest doctrines are often the ones that hit me in the most profound way! :) I love it so much!! :) SO I INVITE EVERYONE. Just to go and study a simple doctrine and it is this. That Heavenly Father is our FATHER and he loves us, he sent his son Jesus Christ to help us get through this rough life. That is the best and happiest message I have ever heard! Who doesn't want to hear that message!?!?!.....Sadly a lot of people....haha but if you listen I promise you will know it is true! If nothing else I would tell people of the truth of God, but even BETTER THAN that is that HE GAVE US HIS TRUE DOCTRINE AND HIS TRUE CHURCH!!!! :)

That is all the time I you sorry!


Ge Sheng Long ZhangLao


Photos courtesy of the official Taichung Taiwan Mission