Monday, March 31, 2014



Let me tell you...using Facebook is...well, I guess that it is probably like everything new in our lives, there are BIG UPS and BIG DOWNS. (Shannon here: A few missionaries can get on Facebook now to answer any questions about The Book of Mormon or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.) It really is so awesome to be able to stay in contact with all the wonderful people that I meet out here and to be able to find and teach! I love amazing technology that we have and how amazingly useful it is! 

So this week was pretty awesome. I think the best part is just how well my companion and I get along! His name is Elder Teerlink! He is SO MUCH LIKE DANE! So it is just like doing missionary work with my little brother! So flippin cool! So obviously I am loving life, maybe even too much!

Not a TON happened this week, except that at the very end of the week one of the best moments of my ENTIRE mission happened (yes things just get better and better out here). So a man that I helped to baptize went up to bear his Testimony and give a small talk and he just went on and on about the miracle or his baptism and how it has changed his life. Now this next part was the kicker for me. He started talking about how he felt like before he didn't have enough faith, he had desire but no faith, but then 葛長老到了(I got there) and started teaching him and he told a story that I told him in a lesson about the small things we do each day to build our faith and how after that story he decided to just go do it and how grateful he was! Now the special thing about this is that at the time I had NO idea about how that story had effected him, I had no idea that anything I had taught him had had influence. I just thought he was totally prepared right from the start and that I had nothing to do with his conversion. And I guess, in reality I didn't have anything to do with it anyways. However, I truly am SO grateful for the Lord and his using me to help these people that I love so much! I know that as long as we keep a strong attitude (obedient and never faltering in our faith) and have the desire to go forward, doing what the Lord asks we will see MIRACLES and bless the lives of so many people!

I am at a total loss for what to write this week...sorry everyone. I will try to take better notes this week for what to write next week! It was pretty much the same, working hard, finding, teaching, baptizing! :)

Oh! But something that is pretty cool this week is that we are going to have a HUGE activity where we are helping people do their family history! I will tell you more about it later! But it should be AWESOME! I am so excited to help Grammie and Mom when I get back with my own family history!

Here is a good invite! Just go out and find out something new about your family! Every family has a story! We can find our own! Just find something new and record it somewhere!

I am sorry this is so short! -

Ge Sheng Long ZhangLao


picture courtesy of The Official Taichung, Taiwan Mission Blog