Monday, March 10, 2014


Well this week was filled with miracle after miracle after miracle after miracle! It really is just crazy. And it is SO CLEAR that this is the Lord's work, that he lives, he loves us and that he wants to always help us! I really know this church is true.


This week I was really impressed with a line I read in the book True to the Faith. It talked about Fating and how it was PREPARING us for the blessings that God already wanted to give us! How cool is that! That when we fast it is just getting us spiritually ready to receive the blessings that God already wants to give us! It was super cool because this week I wanted to give more of myself to the Lord and start fasting more just like the Sons of Mosiah (If you don't know who they are....go read the Book of Mormon! ;) ) But I decided to start fasting more often and MAN do the blessings come pouring in! Blessings like members calling us on their own and asking if we need help that day or families walking into the church off the street and asking if they can come to Church on Sunday ect! It was absolutely MIRACULOUS!! 


Well I am really not 100% sure what to talk about today...I have been so extremely tired recently! It is crazy...but I love it! It is just a sign that I am doing what i am supposed to be! So it is good to get back to the house at night and just pass out haha. LOVE IT! 

So as for who we are working with...we have an AMAZING new family named the Yu family. They are so cool! They have a cute young lady named Annie who likes to draw pictures of me and Jesus in my Planner....SO CUTE haha. She is about 11. Then their son is named Edward and he likes to play Rock Paper Scissors with me, he is so good...I really stink at that game...haha. He is about 6. So keep them in your prayers! As well as the young men Eason and Jobshn and Hong-quan. They are all so amazing and I love the fact that I get to work with such awesome people daily!


I am just super exhuasted and am not sure what else to write...sorry...and if you wrote a letter THANK YOU SO MUCH! YOU ARE ALL SO AWESOME!!!

Ready for the most fun invite ever?! Go out and eat a pizza!....what? A pizza? Yes...a Pizza? Elder Gish...why would you invite friends to do that? Well let me tell you...besides the fact that I am DYING for a REAL pizza, the other things is that with a pizza you don't wanna eat it by yourself! Be with the people you love, strengthen them and share with them the happiness that you receive from this wonderful gospel!!


Tony came to find me today! FUN. We are going to Shitou and going to EAT TO EXPLOSION! That is how you say eat till you are full in Chinese...they sure love to eat! So hopefully we get some other cool pictures out there!





Ge Sheng Long ZhangLao