Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24


I think the worst thing for me is when I am sitting at the computer thinking for a good 10 min. at what is going to be my next witty subject line and absolutely nothing comes to mind....if these is a witty subject line there when I send this will be because I changed it haha...that reminds me of a random day, I was driving in the car with my wonderful Mother and AWESOME little bro Gage. Well we were in the car and he was young so Mom of COURSE brought Oreo cookies for him! being a big boy did not receive such a gift (I am probably telling this wrong so feel free to interject Mom!!). Anyways, I asked Gage if I could have a cookie. Now that CHARITABLE LOVING BOY said "of course!" I put my hand back and he kindly gave me a cookie. I then proceeded to place it in my mouth. After about 5 seconds I realized that the cookie was already a little wet. I looked at Mom and thinking that the cookies had just been melting a bit maybe said, "Mom the Oreo's feel a bit wet." Then without a pause Gage looks up with a big smile and says, "That's because I licked it!! :)....hahaha yup...I love my family and miss them so much! They are the number one most important thing to me in this world! That is why I am out here, I love my family and I love the idea of a FAMILY and I want to protect it and tell the world about the AMAZING gift that our loving heavenly father has givin' us to have an ETERNAL family. I don't know about you but that sounds like just about the BESTEST THING EVER!

So in this past weeks quest we saw many, many miracles. Despite all the crazy riots and politics out here along with the HUGE all day meeting that we had on Tuesday, we were still able to see a LOT of people progress in the gospel. This Week we say many miracles, the best probably being the amazing investigators we had come to church and their desire! We were able to help 9 people come to church this week! It was amazing, yet it was also a big mess...I really screwed up and just kept inviting the investigators to come sit with me and Elder Smith...I just love them all so much and I want to have a chance to talk to them all and take care of all of them! But that was a mistake...I should have placed them by members and let THOSE relationships develop. That was a selfish mistake on my part. But repent and move forward! Luckily the Ward here is incredible and they got my back! Two amazing families the 高(gao) and the 鄒(zou) (I love them so much! The 鄒 family reminds me a LOT of my own family...they are ALL awesome!) came up and personally invited a lot of our investigators over to eat dinner with them! It was amazing and I loved seeing the smile that they had as they felt that love coming from the members! It is so clear to see that as the world goes down that the desire of people to have direction and to know their place in the world goes up! If you are having any questions like that....take Elder Nelson's advice and talk to the missionaries :)


So yesterday we get a goes a little something like this.

"Hey Elder Gish this is Elder Hanset."

"Hey Elder, what's up" (Yeah...maybe a little bro part of me is still there ;))

"We just got the mini movecall"

"Oh yeah? Anything cool?"

"....yup...Elder Smith is moving."

"Yeah right."

"Really....and you will never guess where!"

"...Where?..."(Curious now to see what lies come out!)

"Ma Gong!" (The small island...not part of the actual Island)

"hahaha, alright Elder, I'll talk to you later"

"No really I promise, he has to get packed ASAP."



So there you have it folks! The Gyphon and the Dragon of Yongkang are splitting up! And on the weird Three week move call mark! So these next three weeks should be interesting! It will be hard without Elder Smith here in some ways, we got along really well as a companionship. However I know that he is needed in 馬公(ma Gong) and will do amazing things out there! I am also SUPER excited to be with Elder Teerlink! He sounds like an amazing Missionary and I can't wait to serve him and to serve with him!

This week I have been taking it a LITTLE slower as well because we recently had a rule change saying that we could work out however we wanted in the mornings which means....BASKETBALL....which means....twisted ankles! was a little rough. But something that my trainer taught me is that if I am doing my part and doing my best that the Lord won't let me get sick or injured enough to not be able to participate in the work!

I also went on some awesome exchanges with an amazing Elder named Elder Sumsion! He is an amazing young man and will really bless a TON of people!

I love this work so much and it is so true!

Please keep my friends here in your prayers. They are amazing and need our help :).

If anyone has any questions or things feel free to send an email or....write a letter....;) hint hint haha. THANK YOU SISTER WILSON! :)

I also got my Saint Patties Day package!....ERIN GO BRAGH!!


Don't think I forgot about an invite ;) This week I want you to do two things.

1. Go and pray to bring someone closer to Christ each day this week.

2. Pray for your area's missionaries and their investigators!

God listens, he is there, and you can know it! :)



P.S. Yes...that is me in a Chinese Liahona Article :)

Ge Sheng Long ZhangLao