Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Week of Realization


This week was pretty incredible! I just got back from the temple (probably the reason I am so happy right a side note if you haven't been to the temple in a bit then get the flip up and go cause you NEED to go and if you can't go then get worthy and get there, if you aren't a member of the church yet then what are you thinking? meet with missionaries, get baptized, get to the temple and enjoy the truth and love and amazing blessings that comes from this restored gospel! I know it is true with all my heart.) So I don't have much time and will have to type fast so forgive me!

This week I went on exchanges with two awesome missionaries (lots of exchanges up here...) one was with an amazing young man Elder Dayley, we have super similar pre-mission experiences and so we got a long great and we learned a lot from each other! The other was with our wonderful Assistant Elder Vandiford. He really is such a good man and we had a good bit of deep talks and were able to share wisdom with each other which really edified and strengthened each of us! Love those deep talks! But the best part of the exchange was the end (no not because it ended haha) but because we had President Blickenstaff come pick us up and drive us over to a part member families house for their first sons first birthday! It was super fun! It is the Bruce Lee guy! His name is Raymon and I love him so much! I really hope that everyone reading this can pray for him! We are working hard with him and he and I get along REALLY WELL (thanks for the Bruce Lee training Dad!) :) So now finally after years and years he is taking the missionary lessons with us and actually slowly but surely progressing! So please keep him and his family in your prayers!

We also were able to head up to MLC (mission leadership council) Where are the leaders in the mission gather together for a big long meeting and are able to strengthen, uplift, and train one another! I loved it so much! The best part though was for sure Sister Blickenstaff’s food....oh my gosh that made me so stoked for a home cooked meal! I love Taiwanese food, but there is just somethin about Mamas home cookin! :)


This morning a cool miracle happened. Because the Temple is in Taibei we had to wake up at about 4 to get ready and get our zone on a train that would take us to a bus that would take us to Taibei! Well I woke up at about 3, which is pretty frustrating as a missionary since we don't sleep a ton. And usually when I wake up I am SO TIRED and struggle to get up and do what I need to do (I do it...but I might murmur a bit...i know...I need to repent.). But this morning I was up and SO AWAKE it was wild. And as soon as I woke up I saw my companion sit up and I heard him sigh. I guess he had just gotten up and was feeling stressed and couldn't get back to sleep. I started talking to him and then he asks for a blessing which of course I said yes to. It was my honor.  But I gave this blessing and it was incredible! So clearly from Heavenly Father and FOR my comp. It was incredible. Tears were shed. Hugs were givin. Love was felt. Testimonies were strengthened. I know the Priesthood is real and I know that GOD is our HEAVENLY FATHER, he loves us. All of us, no matter what. I also loved the little miracle of my waking up and being so wide awake that I was able to notice my comp and talk to him. Super awesome experience.

Other than that this week was and is two of my best friends B-Days! Tony and Leon!!!!!!! Happy birthday boys!!!!! I love you both! Leon, have fun in the military service and Tony, be good and be safe down in Taiping. Both of your scriptures and go to church! :) haha.

That is really all I have time for today! Sorry! And I forgot my chord today....dang....but I have some sweet pics to send from the temple. Lets just say...i might be practicing my modeling skills....thats right zee...i'm practicing. (Shannon here: No pictures attached to this letter from Elder Gish. The pictures from this email are courtesy of the official Taiwan Taichung Mission Blog.)

Love you all!

Shine Bright!

Dont think I would forget an invite :) haha. Study 2Nephi2 and look at the fall of Adam and how ONLY through Jesus Christ can we conquer and become who we were always meant to become!

xoxoxoxoxoxo loves and all that good jazz

Oh and Dad....your letters mean the world to me....thank you so much!

OH hahaha man... sorry this is going on forever but thanks for the awesome package and everyone that wrote on it! But no more writing about how I have no time left out here! If I keep getting reminded I might just go 3nephite status and go rouge missionary and miss my plane ;).

on a side note....I got to see Elder Roberts all week! I love that kid so much! He came up to the mission office cause he got a bad paper cut....wuuuusssss haha just kidding, he got cut pretty bad...but you can go look up his blog for details if you want. ( Long story short, got to see my boy and he is all grown up and SUCH AN AMAZING MISSIONARY!!! He is going to blow me away and its going to be awesome!

Ge Sheng Long ZhangLao