Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Movin in to the top 2!


Oh man....what am i to do? only 2 movecalls left? thats only 3 fast sundays, 12 weeks....12 pdays....oh no!!!!!!!!! i will explain my feelings more as time goes on, but i will say now that as long as i work my tail of now and do all i can then i know that when the time comes I will be content with the service and effort that I have put in to taiwan! I love it here so much! and i am lovin it even more now since elder Baker and i are going to be together for another 6 weeks!!!! we have a lot of big goals and great visions for how to help those around us! lovin it! #chosenones


oh so small hilarious interjection....so I went to a noodle store with elder Baker this week (sorry about the lack of caps....this comp is broken...) and while I was in the store i was buying my noodles and all the sudden I feel a hand on my waist. i ignored it at first but then it started moving up and down and the fingers started trying to tickle me....i looked back and there was this short guy....glasses, short hair....creepy...just staring at me and then he just took his hand off and said "heeelllo" i just turned around and walked away. totally sketchy right!?!?!? but really it was pretty hilarious...we laughed about it forever.


We also got this super sweet drink this week....when you come out we have to get it for you...and for those of you out here.....GO GET IT it is called dong gua mu si (dong gwa moose) but really....it is totally a freakin tiny little slice of heaven!!!!!!!!! oh my gosh...it is crazy good.

sorry if this is a bit random...but i am a bit scattered at the moment (it is move day and we are realllllllyyyy busy today and trying to take care of a lot of stuff!) so elder Baker and i have recently discovered that wrestling is a good way to build companionship unity (i am also training him to do some really manly things hahahah) but in our wrestling matches sometimes we get to into....and then the blood gets all over the shirts...he is way stronger than he looks so it is super fun and really good practice for me! (don't worry pops, we are still obeying every rule in the white handbook ;))


My mission pops came back and visited taiwan! this is a pic of us and the old ballin assistant Ryan Allen, they are both super cool and doing super cool! it was weird being together again...just like when i first got on island! But it was super fun! We went to go eat burgers and I gathered all the wisdom i could! :)

So here is a super amazing miracle we saw this week! We were teaching this active member because he had been feeling a little down. then he asked us a question about temptation....we sat there stunned because it was a deep question and was really sudden (i wont write it down here but in order ti better understand...just know it was really deep haha). we sat there thinking for what seemed like eternity, then i just opened my mouth and words came out that I hadn't been thinking and it was in the most fluent chinese i have ever spoken and the spirit came so strong! we testified about satan being the exact opposite of the atonement in every way and about our role as children of God having Jesus Christ as our leader and great examples like Adam to look to for help (i have really gotten into the role of Adam and Eve in my studies lately). It was just so powerful and now the kid is preparing to serve a mission and everything is going super well and it was just a huge miracle!


we are having a ton of fun out here and so excited for the next move call!! I will keep writing about the miracles and funny stories ;)

PS happy birthday CARTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how does it feel to be a man now? ;)


Ge Sheng Long ZhangLao