Tuesday, August 12, 2014

No Companionship Left Behind

This week really was incredible, yeah i know.....every week on a mission is just incredible :) but this week was especially crazy awesome! mostly because we decided as a mission that this week we want every single companionship to find three new investigators....so what did we do? Well as the Zone Leaders it was our responsibility to help the other companionships!

So Elder Baker and I went out and quickly found our 3 investigators early in the week (huge blessings that we were able to so quickly meet with and find three new friends!) and then the rest of the time we spent out in other peoples areas contacting and finding! Yes...we just left our area cold...no missionaries in it...ohh noO! Well you see...the Lord takes care of his servants! That I can promise you. With less than half the time as normal in our area our efforts were doubled! We were still able to hit the mission standards and to continue to lead and provide an example ans so much help for the Zone...how can anyone deny this work?? it is 100% absolutely the work of God and therefor is true...i know that with all my heart. Our first day in preparing for this activity, my first contact of the day was a nice humble man that agreed to meet with us and learn about christ. He never really understood a lot about his other religion and felt that the doctirnes were missing #restoredgospel. so we taught him and it was awesome!!!!!! :) We also RIGHT AFTER got self contacted by a nice young woman who had lived with a mormon family before and was suprised that the church was out here too and wanted to learn more! BLESSINGS!!!


this is the last week of this move call...next move call Elder Noll dies (Shannon here: Die is missionary language for going home.)...he was right above me in the MTC....so scary...ahhhh pray for us :) but to celebrate Elder Baker shaved his chest....oh my gosh it is so funny...we are working out super hard together #3monthstosexy and he thinks that when he shaves his chest that his chest looks bigger #itsstillflatasaboard But i sure love this kid haha.

So this week we saw huge miracles! Sorry i don't have a ton of time today! I gotta cut it extra short to go meet with an investigator! :)#workinhardonPdays we can't waste any time! :)


Love you all so much! Please look for an opportunity this week to help someone come closer to the savior! :) I also would love to hear about everyones family and how things are going! keep me in the loop so that in november i won't have to be totally lost! ;)

Also...i believe fully that a lot of the blessings were from the temple trip! It is soooo worth it to get up early! No matter how tired you are and how early you gotta get on a train :) so get up to the temple for yourself and get these blessings!!!!!!!!!

love you!

shine bright!

elder gish

Ge Sheng Long ZhangLao