Tuesday, August 26, 2014

It Always Works Out

It really is so so so so so so incredible to me how no matter how hard the week seems or how slow it seems to be going, how in the very end it all works out and is wrapped up all nicely! The week was tough at first and there was a lot that we had to do that made it tougher than normal, but it worked out :) Thank goodness!!! To start things out on a positive note we were invited by an Area 70 to go with him and give a blessing to a man who is about to pass away. That was a really spiritual experience, but i have really NEVER seen someone so on the brink of death...it was tough to watch him and his family. However the blessing was powerful and so clearly from God, so it was all worth it.

This week in our english class I had the opportunity to show a video and bare testimony of a few things and it was one of the most powerful experiences i have had yet on my mission. standing in a room with about 30 other non-members and then having about 20 min to just talk and testify...it was an amazing amazing experience and i really was able to feel and experience how real my own testimony was. i love this gospel so much and i KNOW it is true. when i say true I don't mean that it is one of those things out there that was become a 'truth' or a good 'thought process' I mean that as real as me being in taiwan, God exists and loves us and is a REAL LIVING being!! This is the video I shared (we translated as it was playing so that everyone could understand) (http://www.mormonchannel.org/video/mormon-messages?v=3701964025001

I had the awesome privilege of doing an interview with president this week for a new temple recommend (yeah...its about that time...). He is so full of wisdom and knowledge. I also really enjoyed the interview because as i was 100% honest with my thoughts and feelings I felt as though I was able to receive personal revelation as to who I want to be and how to accomplish that purpose. I just can't seem to express how much I love this gospel!!!

I exchanged with an awesome elder named Elder Lazenby, we had a lot of fun. He is from Boston (wootwoot!!!!) we worked hard and saw miracles (but what else is new! haha diligence and obedience brings miracles!!!)

Oh we also had this hilarious experience where we were waiting in the chapel and these two girls randomly walked in and started talking to us. we figured they were members of another ward because they new so much about missionaries until randomly they asked for copies of the book of mormon! turns out that the met the church while doing student exchanges in Idaho and they went to the same higshchool as Elder Baker!!! small world! totally Gods arranging :). But they came to church with us yesterday and will now be meeting with the sister missionaries! suuuper rad experience!

Yesterday we taught mr Bruce Lee again...i love that guy! please pray for him! His name is Raymon. He is progressing really well...we just hope things will continue to go this smoothly!

sorry this week there are no pics...it was a busy work and nothing really worth picture taking haha, i will try to get more this week!

Shout out to Stephanie Sloan on her mission call!

Love you all!

shine bright!

p.s.this week i want you all to read the front of the book of mormon, the 3 and 8 witnesses....powerful testimonies of truth. :)


Ge Sheng Long ZhangLao