Wednesday, September 24, 2014

When was the last time you saw a miracle?

When was the last time you saw a miracle? This week keep a small record daily of the miracles you saw that day! I bet you will be surprised how much God's hand really is in your life! #EarlyInvites #PreachMyGospelMissionary


Well a ton happened this week....but first I want to explain something from last week! So I sent a picture of a whiteboard with a huge drawing on it! So that drawing is a challenge that I gave my English Students! It was a long story that I made about a brave and valiant and probably pretty good looking and buff knight (can you see his name ;) heheheh) going out through a forest of giants and a cave with a giant spider and a river of sirens and a wall and a castle of warriors and a dragon and at the end I gave them the two doors riddle. Well the fun part was that I gave them an inventory of items that they had and they had to think of creative ways to get through everything safely and go rescue the beautiful princess!! It was absolutely hilarious hearing their answers for some of the things! I kept thinking...wait....are we both from the safe planet earth?....that doesn't work on my planet earth haha. Oh well, it was still hilarious and fun! Peja also came down to help with a group of old ladies that were there...oh my gosh that was good to watch! :)


Okay, now that I cleared that little thing up let me share with you some of the experiences that I had this past week!

So Monday after emailing we went out to go try to find some pokemon cards ( still 12 in my heart...) but we went on this huge adventure and found that was lame. But you live and you learn right? ;) what WAS cool is that the MaGong 馬公 Elders (the small island outside of Taiwan) came down to stay with us because the next day was going to be zone conference. So we got to see them and play around a bit!

Well Tuesday comes around and that awesome kid Tony comes down to help us teach some lessons and do some missionary work (he is preparing for a mission right now and we are SOOOO EXCITED. Please pray for him!!!). But we were walking down the street and a member drove by that is usually super happy and bubbly and he when he saw us he just nodded and drove by looking really angry....which was a little confusing, but we kinda ignored it and kept walking. Well 剛剛好 (I don't know how to say that anymore in English...sorry...) the path we were taking would take us by the hospital and that same member was parking in the hospital. Well it turns out that that morning our ward mission leader had a really bad heart attack. he was unconscious but we went up to see him anyways. It was looking bad. So bad that President came down. Well...Brother Chen never woke up. This last Friday we held his funeral service. i wanna take a sec to just give him a shout out...he was a great leader and such a hard worker and i am so happy that I got to serve with him while i did! What was cool was that the day before we went on the hike we went on a hike (I think I mentioned this all before) but he bought us mangos and we had such a good time and he was doing so well in his calling and as a was a good time to go. I love him and will miss him but I also know that this church is true and that because of Jesus Christ and his atonement I will be able to see him again! :)


This week was also our Zone Conference and Elder Noll (the elder that was above me in the mtc) gave his reflection (going home talk) oh my gosh it was scary! I will miss that kid! But no worries....i will see him soon ;). It was cool to see lots of old friends also at the conference!

Today Tony has something super cool planned for us to do so I will take pics and tell you all about it next week! He and I have known each other for a whole year now!!! cool eh!? But so sad that a missionaries life is so short... :(...I will for sure keep in touch with all these amazing friends my whole life!

I am out of time! love you all!

shine bright!!!!!!!!!!! 


Ge Sheng Long ZhangLao