Monday, September 8, 2014

You Call Me a Mountain and I Call You the Sea

Anyone know that song? It is flippin sweet! but the next line "ill stand tall and certain and watch you swallow me." i know that last part is a little weird but i totally love it! that is totally how i feel about the Lord and this work! i will stand tall and certain like a mountain and let the savior and his influence wash over my like the sea! i have had a few really cool experiences this week that helped me to really strengthen my testimony in this work....thats out satan! you can't stop this!




so in order to end this email with a bit more of a power spirit punch let me quickly run though the fun funny events of the week. first off, right after getting off the computer last week we went down to a sushi bar!!!!! oh man it was soooo sweet! you just feel so classy eating those small dishes....even though we were eating boiled octopus and fish eggs and other interesting dishes, i felt like Gatsby with all those tiny dishes flying by! it was awesome and really it was sooo tasty! so don't worry mom, when i get home pretty much ANYTHING  we make for dinner is going to be SOOOOO tasty ;) haha



(edamame shot for gage!!!!1 :) thinkin about him!!!!!)



After that we also went out and bought ocarinas...Zelda anyone? yes? I hope so. we are learning Zelda songs on them....can't wait till I get my magic powers and can go back in time! :)

We did our ZTM last week and it was a huge success! we had snickers, we had a didgeridoo(spelling), we had pokemon, jedi, and wizard training, and now we are ready to go out and kick some booty! It was actually super awesome! I really know that the success that our zone is seeing has nothing to do with the leadership that Elder Baker and I provide (even though Elder Baker is a mission BOSS), but it is because of the faith and diligence of all the missionaries in our zone! They work so hard and it is awesome to see the fruits of faith, obedience, and diligence! It brings results 100% of the time!. It reminds me of a quote from national treasure2. There is a seen where Gates is talking to his wife and she says, "you just think you are so smart, you get all these clues and you think it is just you but you just get lucky!" Then he looks at her and with a slightly sarcastic tone he says,"oh yeah....well...i get lucky A LOT" hahaha. The point of it is that he was just right. It makes me think about the success of missionaries and the amazing blessings that living the gospel brings! some might say, you all just get lucky or you are just lucky to get put in good situations...well boys and girls....we get lucky A LOT haha. Point being, this work is true and is run by God and this is the ONLY true and living church on the Earth!



I was privileged this week to go on two sweet exchanges, one being with Elder Anderson, the same Elder Anderson that I was just with down in DongGang!! Oh man it was a blast to be with him again! We talked, and talked and talked, and chatted, then laughed then found some AMAZING PEOPLE! then talked some more haha. We were up so late talking about how to be a good senior companion and what to do when we running into struggling missionaries. #zoneleadersdontsleep. But it is all worth it! He is totally a stud and we are so glad to have him here! while down there I actually met one of the coolest dudes I have met so far on my mission. I saw from afar...a shirt with what...a couple huge letters...what did it say S.H.I.E.L.D. You know I was ALL over that haha. I ran over and we chatted for a good 20 min about how awesome Iron man was and our favorite super heros (i love talkin about my Dad ;) haha) but then that conversation slowly slipped into the savior and his did that transition happen...i'll be honest....i have no idea, but it did and it was awesome #thankyouHolySpirit! he had so much interest and is so prepared and I am so glad that I was able to help that area and that cool young man! 

What stinks is that after the exchange I got super sick...stinkin lack of sleep! But nothin stops a pure bread lean mean proselyting machine! so we still went out and worked super was getting worse and worse though and i started feeling bad because ONE I got a cold-sore (comes up when I get sick sometimes....rawr) and so when i contacted people they would just be like, "hi....WOW what happened to your face!?" atleast I got their attention...haha but also because we were supposed to go on exchanges that week again and i like to be at the top of my game for exchanges so that we can see huge miracles! well...the time came to it and I brought a 'newer' elder back to my area and worked super hard out here. He is from Idaho and is such a stud/bro. We had a ton of fun and then I figured out that he was a junior champion boxer and a hard core wrestler...well that just turned into me talking about my love for that kinda stuff which turned into us deciding that we were going to wrestle that night! he has me by about 40 or 45 pounds...and i was soooo worried that night cause even though we had a ton of fun and stuff I was feeling ill....but i couldn't let this kid down! so i rolled up my skirt and after planning we went at it! I won't reveal the results of the wrestling matches (but it was SUPER fun!)...the sad part is that after words I just puked my guts out for a few minutes haha....gotta love the work! atleast I feel bettter now!

We got a funny letter from our investigator, picture is posted below. let me know if you can't read was SUPER funny.

TAIWAN has 2 krispy kreme shops, both are not in our mission....but luckily I have some good friends!....there is a picture below about the patience of a missionary after fasting ;) haha. remember to pray ;) it is the most important!


This week really was awesome, Through the bearing of my testimony and my sincere asking of God I know for myself that this church IS TRUE. I hope you all can find out as means everything to me.

love you all so much!


this week go make someone you love just laugh until you both can't breathe :) My mom is super good at that :)


Ge Sheng Long ZhangLao