Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Wasn't the subject to this email super witty? i thought so....

Alright so obviously because of the super lame title of this email and the dumb mistakes of sending emails off too early and stuff you can tell that i am SUPER tired. If you couldn't tell...well, now you know.


This morning we woke up at about 5 o clock to go out with our ward mission leader on a hike! It was pretty dang fun! We saw these HUGE spiders, I mean...HUGGGGEEEE and they were fast as lightning! (kinda like my dad huge and fast as lightning!) It was sweet. we also talked to him a lot about buddhist beliefs since he used to be a super devote buddhist. I'll be totally makes no sense. On top of that it is just a little depressing...#SOgratefulforthePlanOfHappiness! we also got to watch him do tai chi (is that how its spelled in english? the martial art, tai chi). It was really funny because there were all these people around and they were soooo impressed and asked him all these questions and he felt like a super star and it was awesome! :) The top was also so beautiful! i tried to take pictures but none of them did the scenery justice so i just deleted them...haha...I guess i will just have to take you all up to Taiwan at some point in your life! :)

Other than waking up that early today I am just exhausted from the work this week! it was a bit of a slow week and man-oh-man did we get put to work mentally physically and spiritually! It took its toll talking to so many people and trying to focus on so many people with so many problems and stuff. But these are the kinds of problems that I love...too many people with too many problems that the gospel can fix :). #IwantMoreProblems.



Elder Flint gave an awesome DTM this last week (Shannon here: District Training Meeting)....I don't really know what i can say that would relate the awesomeness of it...just know that i got pumped from it and i hope the rest of the district did too! Our zone could use a boost...we put a lot of stress on the District Leaders since they have so much more contact with the missionaries than we do....they are all super good missionaries and i am so happy to be able to work with so many! Chase...that’s you too man! Do work son!




Last monday we went out to shi tou kao rou! Its a place where you can cook your own food and stuff! I kinda forget how to say it all in english...but long story short it was SUPER good and super fun! Ali came up from donggang Ryan came up from gaoxiong and Tony and Alexis came up from Taiping! It was a super party and i love all of them so much! I am so grateful for the amazing friends that the Lord has given me out here! Afterwards we went up to a mall in this arcade area and watched our friends play games...missionaries can't play....lameeeee haha. But it was still fun to be with them and watch them and laugh with them!

Another super cool thing is that we have a deaf investigator! I think i talked a little about him before..maybe. But anyways he is totally deaf so in a lesson I wrote everything we wanted to say and he would write and use sign to communicate with me! It was super awesome and luckily in our ward is a deaf family and a woman that translates so he was able to come to church and get fellowshipped like any other investigator and receive revelation and love just like anyone else! I will keep you updated on him! I am learning some fun chinese sign language because of it :)....its pretty dang different from ASL apparently...either that or I forgot everything I learned in college haha (i might have just forgot everything...).

Tomorrow is going to be our zone conference so I will let yall know how that goes next week!

I think thats really it for this week! we met cool people, taught awesome families, felt loved, loved back, people gave us fruit, it was a wonderful week in the small little paradise we call taiwan! oh yeah! and an invite.....this week....give someone some fruit :) It really is an awesome gift :) haha.

Love you all!

Shine bright!

Elder Gish