Monday, September 1, 2014

Lord of the Pings

get the sound that every american thinks of when they think of chinese? hahaha....okay...maybe not the most witty starter I have had, but atleast I am trying right!? ;) hahaha

This week was honestly pretty bland.......wait what? what am i saying!? This week was incredible!!!!!!! how could it not be!? I am on a MISSION for GOD in TAIWAN!?!?!? hahaha come on people! this just reminds me about a comedian that talks about people complaining about things that they experience during a flight while they are sitting in a CHAIR in the SKY!!! how can we still find so much to complain about when the works of God are moving so incredibly around us!? (mom maybe you could help find that link?)

some may say, well Elder Gish, you are spending two years away from family and friends and school, had to give up almost everything you knew and loved before, not get paid and go out in the dying hot sun to talk to people that more often than not reject you. Where is it worth it? Well let me first clarify something...i don't HAVE  to be out here, and even being out here I don't HAVE to walk out into that sun and talk to that huge dude smokin a ciggy and drinkin a beer. i do it because i want to. because i know that this is all true. i know that God exists and loves all of us, especially that man, and i don't dare to tempt God by denying his work or not doing the things that he hopes I will do. I do it because i see that man and i see what he could be and who is really is and love him and want him to return to that angelic and godly state that should be in. And second, what is not to love?  this is the most important thing I have ever done and love every second of it. Do you really think that I work my tail off for something that i doubt is true? heck no. I work my tail off every day because of how true I know this is. I have said it a million times and I will say it a million more, THIS IS THE TRUE AND RESTORED CHURCH OF GOD. I know it will all my heart, and whether or not you believe in this church now I implore you to do as previous prophets have challenged, even as our savior challenged, and that is to experiment on the word. I promise that if you do it with real intent that you will know, you will receive your answer. so tonight, EVERYONE pray and ask God some of those questions that trouble your heart, secure your testimony.

Alright, i'll end my little soapbox talk....but for real yall....this is true ;)

But this week was fun! I have a new really good friend out here! His name is Joe (鄭弟兄)(jeng dee in englishese is the hardest thing ever......) we will just call him Joe. He is soooo awesome! seriously an incredible person! we taught him about giving to the poor and needy and getting blessings in return (he brought up the question cause of reading scriptures) and after the lesson we went out to eat. well on the road he found a 100dollar bill (in taiwanese thats like a 5dollar bill in america kinda). And immediately I though "LUCKY!!! thats a free meal!" But this awesome young man picked it up and said "hey cool! now I can use that principle you just taught me! I am going to go donate this in one of those funds that go to children that need it!" i just shut my mouth all embarrassed for my greedy and prideful thoughts! but really how cool is that! i am telling you all...the gospel is not just a cool thing to learn, it is the way that we are supposed to live our lives! he is super awesome and i am really excited to see him continue to progress! I feel like when I teach him that i actually really focus in on what it is that he needs and not as much on getting through a lesson. please pray for him to get an answer to his prayers!! :)

We also had an investigators entire family come to church with us! It was a big miracle! I am hoping that they felt the thing that i everyone does is to go out on your own (without the missionaries asking you) and find those faces that you don't know and welcome them and introduce yourself. people can feel the spirit so much easier when they feel comfortable and they will feel much more comfortable when they feel loved and welcome!

well i am almost out of time! a last thought I have found a new love...she makes me so happy, i love her so much. i can't stop thinking about her....i want you all to get to know her one day....her name is Banana Milk...haha oh my gosh it is so good! i think i am getting addicted....time to repent haha.

love you all so much!! have a wonderful week!

shine bright!!!!!!!!


Ge Sheng Long ZhangLao


pic1:having fun serenading old people outside our apartment.....goood thing they all can't hear ;)


pic2: what taiwanese people think of when they think of an AMERICAN meal....hmmm...


pic 3: the dedication of an elder...kneeling and spending time to break his fast of 24 hours while smelling krispy creme all day.....(there is only one or two in taiwan and both are not in our mission....this was a gift from god hahaha)




missionaries I am with. on the right is a brand new missionary (deer in the headlights....on the left is the brand new assistant (again....deer in the headlights hahahahah)