Monday, December 16, 2013

I will go...AND DO

This week as I was doing my studies I came across a section in the Preach My Gospel about....can you guess??...Humility! favorite :) haha. And one of the things I read was about submitting to the will of the in our all knowing all loving HEAVENLY Father....first off...who WOULDN'T want to follow Him and do all He asks!

But anyways I had only writtin' above that sentence "I will go!" And for some reason it just looked weird to me...I was thinking about it and I figured out that it was weird to me because it was not accompanied by a AND DO...I was sitting there thinking about all the things I am willing to Go to...but how many things am I will to DO....I can Go to a service activity, I can Go to church, I can GO on a mission...But does that mean that I will be DOING what I should be while I am there? I want to say that GOING is just not enough...we have to DO. Nephi said that we will GO AND DO for a reason.  It got me so pumped to just GO AND DO! It reminded me also of a story/ joke my Pops tells....that guy is just so funny ;) haha. It is where he talks about 3 birds on a dock and 2 decided to many are left??....................THINK ABOUT IT...........................All 3 are still there..WHAT WHY HOW???? Just because they decided to leave doesn't mean that they actually left! We have to GO AND DO our part :)

Well this week...i'm not going to lie...has probably been the most stressed I have ever been in my life...I feel like I am just a problem fixer...running from person to person, ward to ward, missionary to missionary just fixing problems and trying to help people bear their first my prideful self was getting pretty frustrated with people and just angry wasn't very good. But then as I humbled my self and went to the Lord in prayer I realized how much of a blessing that all was and I saw the growth that I could gain from such experiences! That is something that I think is just amazing about this gospel! It may not take our problems away but it gives us the PERFECT way to deal with the problems. It isn't just taking the problems and finding out how to deal with it, but rather taking the problem and making it into a blessing! How amazing is that!? Who would not want to partake of this amazing gospel!?!?

I was told the District meeting topic THE DAY that I was supposed to hold the I am SUPER grateful for want my mom and dad taught me about following the spirit and being about to just get up and say what comes into our minds and into our hearts!

I also had an AMAZING experience with Elder Vandiford this was straight out of Ammons life from the Book of Mormon! It was awesome!! :) So we were contacting and while we were talking to this guy he kinda looked at us like...oh we go. And he seemed at first to not have any interest and then Elder Vandiford said "so what makes you believe that a god exists" And looking to argue..the man replied, "well what god do you believe in, are you talking about that god?" And then Elder Vandiford said this..."I believe in your and my Heavenly Father, the creator of the world and of you and me." The man had NO RESPONSE and then he agreed to meet with us!! It was SO SWEET! Haha, it was like a spirit arrow...kinda like the ones, Legolas shoots, except it had spirit fire and was carried by the spirit past any armor and right to the heart! GODS TEAM: 1 / SATAN: 0!! :) haha

So needless to say the week of those weeks :) But we are setting REALLY high goals for next month and going to start working HARD to hit them so if you could add Elder Roberts and I to your general prayers that would be nice since prayer is like the number one best source for any power! :)

Keep the Christmas spirit and Go out to make people smile and laugh! This week as you prepare for Christmas go out and try to help all those around you..just be willing to support them in their burdens and feel of the blessings that come from that!




Ge Sheng Long ZhangLao