Monday, December 30, 2013


First I want to throw out some shoutouts!!

VASHA BURROWS AND FAM!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR AMAZING PACKAGE!! This girl is awesome at taking care of missionaries!!! YOU ROCK GIRL!!

PEJA!! (林炫良) You are a stinker...but I love ya :) This is my trainers trainers trainers trainers trainer....haha He is a stud :)

Okay story time....strap in:

BAPTISM! BOOM Yup it happened it was a WHITE CHRISTMAS IN TAIPING!!! But you can give all that credit to the Lord since I am a pretty 'eh' missionary haha, but with the Lord all our efforts are sanctified and we (including people around us) are blessed for our faith, obedience, and desires! I love it so much!! :) So 張 got baptized!  His English name is Dobby... yup like from Harry Potter :). He is SO FUNNY! I love him and it was so amazing to see his baptism especially seeing Elder Roberts preform it!! :)

On exchanges this week I was SEVERELY humbled as I was biking around and decided to say a prayer since our efforts weren't working...then the first guy I saw. I went up to talk to him...HE WAS PERFECT! He said " I have been looking to get into a church and find out more about Christ but I didn't know how to start!" I said...well....lucky for you...I am a missionary haha. He then asked "so if I get to the church and just start asking for you can I find you and you can teach me?"...Lets see how I responded to that..."um............YES!" Haha it was amazing to see the Lord lift us up as soon as we put our faith in him! I love it so much!!!

I have gotten to use that boogie board in lessons mom! Thank you so much! The Kid's love it too! :) [Shannon here: The Boogie Board we sent is a small writing tablet, not the mini surf board.)

President came to DTM this week......scary..........But I didn't choke don't worry :) [Shannon: DTM=District Training Meeting.]

I love you all...quick invite...SHINE BRIGHT! Just smile at people this week, maybe give them a wave...make them feel good :) I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!


Ge Sheng Long ZhangLao