Monday, December 23, 2013

Two best holidays!!!

Wait what?...Two?....yes...TWO! What are they Elder Gish?

Well....Let me tell you. ONE you can guess...CHRISTMAS!!! Which I will save for AFTER I talk about the other...which comes up in the 27th....what is that...SHANNON GISH'S BIRTHDAY!!! I think my wonderful mom is turning 28 or something like that! :) She is so amazing and so wonderful! I wanted to just take a second to send some praise her way and to let 大家(everyone) know about how FLIPPIN INCREDIBLE THAT WOMAN IS!!! She has raised me, supported me and loved me my whole life! I can hardly even think of a mean word that has come out of that guardian angels lips! She is pretty much perfect...just ask anyone in my family. The only reason that she hasn't ben translated (sent straight to heaven) is because God needs her here to watch over and take care of us boys (yes including my pops haha). So Mom, I love you so much and I am so grateful for you in my life. I miss you so much! I hope that I can treat everyone in my life the way you have treated me and love them like you have loved all of us boys. I don't think you will ever know how much you mean to us! But I thank God so much for sending me to someone so wonderful! He must have just thought...Oh Sam Gish he needs a patient loving mom...a perfect mom...well we only have one...I guess he is going to Shannon McGurrin! :) You are the best and I love you more! RWYAHOTE, WIP, ATILY, SB!!!! :)

I also am so grateful for this amazing Christmas season where miracles are noticed (I won't say seen since we see them is just about noticing them ;) And where hearts are opened to think about Christ our Savior I hope everyone can take this opportunity to share the light of Christ with someone! Go out and just make a new friend, that is good enough, make someone feel good :) The Savior and Lord came into this world for OUR happiness.

So this week has been a ton of fun and Elder Roberts is just killin it more and more! I love bein with that kid! His Chinese is so good and his teaching is so good and he just has such a love for the work and such a strong spirit! He is going to be a leader in this mission no doubt and I am just lucky to be his trainer! 

Oh...we opened our presents early....:) haha it is P-day! And we get to talk to our families on Christmas which is like the best gift ever so that will be sweet!

Our investigators are doing well and we are really focusing on finding this week and so we could really use everyone's prayers.....and letters since they boost our spirits :):) haha

We are SUPER busy today and this week because of mini-move call and Christmas and such. So I am super sorry this email is so short but I hope you all have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!! :)

P.S. I am a Mormon....ask me why ;) haha


I will always be a missionary :) Catch the wave y'all...cause it's sweet! :)


Ge Sheng Long ZhangLao


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